Lite-On 165P6S - Freezing cursor

Hi Guys, new to your group. Have assembled new PC - Windows XP sp2, lite-on 165P6S, when I insert a disc into drive it starts to spin up and then freezes my cursor - if I reboot then everything works fine, any ideas. Have got MSOP firmware. Thanks.

Uninstall ide drivers and install generic ms ide drivers.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate your advice. Unfortunately I’m not that familiar with computers to put your suggestion into action, is there somewhere to find out how to do what you suggest, step by step?

Go to:

Control Panel
Open System
Select Hardware Tab
Select Device Manager
Click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers to expand the list

right-click and uninstall


When I expand the list I get:
Intel ® 82801GB/GR/GH(ICH7Family)Serial ATA Storage Controller-27CO
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel

Do I uninstall just one of the above or all three?
Many thanks.