Lite-on 165H6S HSOE problem



I have a strange problem with my 1.5 year old lite-on burner. When I hit the eject button, sometimes it doesn’t want to eject. The light goes on and it jerks a little, it just doesnt open. If I hit it two or three times it will eventually open. I am kind of doubtful that it is a hardware problem with the drive, instead I am thinking that it is something with my other components. I have two other drives (Pioneer 111D and Samsung 203B). The Liteon is a master on one IDE channel, the Pioneer is a master on another ide channel, and the samsung is on a sata channel. The other two drives are giving me no issues, I was thinking I could try switching out the pioneer and lite-on and seeing if the problems reverse, but I thought I would post here before I went through that trouble in hopes that someone might have an idea. Thanks in advance.