Lite-on 1653s Vs Nec 3500a

Any reviews or experiences.
Please let me know
thanks :iagree:

does anyone has any review on this or experiences?
thanks in advance.

1/ See the stickied thread regarding the comparison of 16x models.

2/ Any review of the 1653S would probably look identical to a review of the 1633S, and there is a mini-review of the 1633S stickied in the LiteOn forum.

3/ Haven’t you already posted in the recording hardware forum asking for a drive comparison?

Topic starter´s post in Lite-On forum.

You must be joking, heh he… :wink:

The NEC rocks for the moment. Never before have I seen the cheapest drive of all (at least where I live), to donimate so much in performance.

Please continue this discussion in the stickied thread regarding the comparison of 16x DVD burners. The whole reason the stickied thread exists is to prevent too many of these A vs. B thread from cropping up.

(If I could, this thread would’ve been locked for crossposting because the thread starter had already posted a similar thread several days ago in this forum.)