Lite-On 165 Series vs. new LH-18A1x, which to buy?

I’ve been searching for a new burner to replace on old LiteOn 411s@811s.

From what I’ve read it seems like the 160/165 is tried and true and the new LH-18A1x is like the new kid on the block (from what I can tell).

I’m wondering which would be the better buy. I really don’t think that 18x burns are really that necessary.

The only media I pretty much use are:
-Verbatim (MCC/MKM media)
-DVD+R DL’s.

Thats all I really use. All of it is always Verbatim (MCC/MKM media).

So which burner would be better? (i’m looking for quality here, and I really don’t care about the 18x/20x burn speeds, since both burners pretty much burn my media at the same speed anyway).

6S drives are more refined, LH series makes an unpleasant lower pitch sound, almost to the point of vibrating (mine does anyway).

As 6S series seems to be fading out, I won’t expect any newer firmwares for these. This has to be taken into consideration.


I would go with the 160/165 series, at least until the 18x is more tried and tested.