Lite-ON 163D DVD ROM, Not reading any cdr's?

My Liteon 163D Dvd rom drive does not read any cdrs, the firmware is ghr 7. All the other pressed disks work fine its just the cdrs.

I have tried many differnt type of cdrs. all the cdrs work fine on liteon 3212s cdrw writer.

I am really not happy with this drive, My old creative 52x used to read all my cdrs. and this 163D is more new and also a dvd rom drive.

Please shed some light for me.

p.s regarding the firmware it first had ghr3, and the latest one I had was ghr8 but wen back to ghr 7 a hacked version that displayed the lite on )not jvc etc)

Does anyone have the answer please?

Gone back to GHR-3 and it seems to be working, I will install the ghr 8 some time in the future.

So the Lite-on match more media was cra*p as it doesnt even recognise some disks that it read before.

Dont feel like buying lite=on anymore

thanks for reading at least still hope some admin or other lite-user would suggest something better.


In the same case… won’t read anything 80% of the time but when reading, it does quite well… go figure :frowning:

I am surprised at the fact that a creative labs, 52x read more cdrs than any reader I have ever had.

The Lite-on writer is great reads all cdrs. if that reads all cdrs than whu doesnt the bloomin 163d.

anyway I have seen a ghr8a it said its not on liteon website. etc.


So you have 163D right ?
I have 163… well anyway I’m stuck with… CRAP this thing has not 2 years !

i have also seen with someone with a latest lite-on dvd rom drive with the same problem and that says something.

Go for a make that you know makes they own firmware etc and its not lite-on.

For writers side i cant complain.


Will try Plex one I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, I didn’t see any review of latest cd/dvd from Plex :confused:

AFAIK latest plextor dvd-rom (px116a or so) is just a rebundled pioneer 120 model :slight_smile:

why everybody now uses plextor rebundled drives ? (eg asus e616p1 dvd-rom is rebundled pioneer 121…)