Lite on 1633s flashing green light

Trying to maker my drive region free. Loaded RPCDE2 after LTNRPC didn’t work. For some reason LTNRPC exe. when I opened it, it would just run in the task manager but do nothing. hence I tried RPCDE2.
Now have the green flashing light of death.
Thought omnipatcher was the fix but.
Not to sure which patch i should use, did save 1 with the blinking box tagged but when I ran it. Same problem as LTNRPC it wouldn’t load.
In a deep hole. Need some major help to get me out. Or am I too deep for anyone to help.

Just get KProbe. It has region free and bitsetting tools built in. I used it to make my own 1633S region free and it took only a few seconds.

If you don’t know where to get KProbe, try the Lite on tools thread.

Tried Kprobe2, it wont open, as well.
I get the startup page but then nothing.
It wont open any further past that point.

@ Tummas
Read here .

Thanks for that, all is now fine. :bow: :bow: :bow:
The DVD writer is now working perfectly.
No way would I have look for an ASPI problem.