Lite-on 1633s firmware confusion

Hey guys,

Recently my Lite-on 1633s has started to give me problems, it errors me this “incompatible medium - cannot write” etc. etc. A while back I got this error when I bought a spindle of real tyg02’s. Then just a day ago I installed an updated version of DVD Shrink & DVD Decryptor and now my firmware went back to BSOK. So I updated to BSOY fw and I am still receiving the same message.

I’m getting confused on what to do. My main question that I can’t find answered is this:

What firmware should I be using in order to burn TYG02s on my 1633s.

If anyone can answer that you’d be helping me out a ton! Please help!



TYG02 is supported in BS0Y and should work in your drive.
You can try if flashing your drive with CS0T helps. It’s the latest firmware for the 1653 and supports much more mediacodes than BS0Y. I’m using it over a year now in my 1633 with fine results.
You can get a patched version here:

:slight_smile: Leo

Leo, thanks for the reply! That’s exactly what I thought, I’m so confused, I flashed over to BSOY with no results and then to the CSOT and still am having compatibility medium issues… it still can’t read the disk - it will burn the LEAD IN but will 3 minutes into writing image cannot write sectors etc.

Is it possible I’m not flashing correctly? evne though my system reads as a 1653 now is it possible it wasn’t done completely right? are there other reasons why it wouldn’t read the last 50 tyg02s when i’ve alreayd burnt close to 50 in the spindle?


Basically, I’m trying to Burn BROKEN FLOWERS - I fed it through RIP IT FOR ME, which inturn fed it through DVD shrink and now i’m trying to take the ISO and write it to a blank DVD through DVD DECRYPTOR, maybe i need a different program stragey?

Any suggestions? or if this method doens’t recognize them no method will


Your drive is recognized as 1653, I may assume your flash was ready and asked to reboot your drive, then there’s nothing wrong with the flash. Is it just this one movie that won’t burn? Have you tried other media?

:confused: Leo

id like to find a way to make the tyg02 work since i have 50 of them!

What program is the best for ripping movies?

As i said I use DVD Shrink then Decryptor, any other suggestions?

I always use DVDShrink and burn with Nero, did not need to use other programs yet. It could be the movie too, not the burner. Maybe check this site:
As I’m not familiar with the error you get (I never burned with DVD decrypter), I can’t give you more solutions. Can you post a burn log? Maybe that tells us more.

:iagree: Leo

I am having the same problem with every DVD I put in to cache and burn. Says Failed to reserve track cannot write medium Imcompatible format everything was working fine a fw days ago and then like someone threw a switch it just stop working. I am not familiar at all with the termanology I have read on here dont know anyhting of BSOY and the sort. But this is aggravating and i would like to know is there anything I can do? I use AnyDVD, DVD shrink 3.2 and DVD Decryter, I cant get anything done on here as it stands. Thanks alot.