Lite-on 1633s and Ritek G04

I have read this forum over and over and from what i understand 1633s like +r better than -r’s. I have 3 50pc spindles of ritek -r g04 and will try either ty +r’s or ritek +r’s once i have used these g04’s up. My scans of the g04’s look good till the end then it gets nasty. im using bs0k firmware and have also tried by02. and the scans vairy from disk to disk but all have the majority of pi/pif at the end. My question is this. What firmware and tweaks could i use to get the best results for these g04’s till they’re used up and replaced with +r’s?


Also how are nec3500a and benq1620 with g04’s?

Can you show us a [thread=93944]KProbe v2.4.2[/thread] scan, at 4x speed, of the G04.

Heres the scan.

Heres another scan of a PS2 game just done.

Heres one after using omnipatcher on by02 with rec. stategies and 12x read and bitsetting checked burnt at 8x.

That’s it. Stick with BY02 for that media. :slight_smile:

FYI, make sure you check out the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility[/thread]. All of this crossflashing, with the 1633S, can mess up the media calibration data, because of changing media indices between the different firmwares. Please remember to backup your EEPROM first…


Thank you.


Im getting mixed results from these ritek -r g04’s, is this normal? I was told this was good media to use. Is this the media or my 1633s? If its the media what do you recommend and if its +r will bitsetting work for ps2 backups on an older version ps2 that has been said to not read dvd+r’s?

thanks again

G04s are mediocre media; not good, but not horrible, either. There is much better media out there for around the same price or even cheaper (Prodisc +R, for example).

LiteOns tend to do better with +R than -R. But anyway, as CK said, since your BY02 burn seems to come out nicely, just stick with that firmware.


Thanks for the reply. Ill stick with that firmware but 2 of the 5 burns after the post have had high pi/pif scores. So after i use these g04’s what media do you recommend? could i get a list of 3 top media for this drive please?

The FAQ stickied at the top of the forum is incomplete, but this is one of the things that I did manage to add. :wink: Take a look… basically, +R media, avoid shady no-name media.


BYX2 sonys new firmware is giving me great results on these G04’s. Highest PI 30 and PIF 2 out of 10 burns.

Excellent :). I wonder how that compares to BS41.

C0de: I didn’t save any scans but I tested the BYX2 against the BS41 last week in one of my “Save the 1633” efforts. Tested TY01 @ 4X & 8X, TY02’s @ 8x & 12X, and MCC004’s @ 8X & 12X… In all cases the BS41 produced better results. :cool: :cool:

BS41 gives me better results than BYX2 for my 1213S.

Thanks pcdoc. I wonder if Sony has the edge on -R?

I’ll be able to run some G04 tests myself soon. The replacement for my second faulty 1213S is a 1653S :), which we are now pretty sure is exactly the same hardware as the 1633S. I deliberately hung on to the faulty 1213S, this time, until I was sure they had run out of 1213S’. :smiley:

I never tested -R’s as the only ones I have here are CMC MAG. AE1’s. They’re Phillip 8X and the only thing they appear to good for are “real coasters” for 2 liter coke bottles… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’d certainly be interested in your results with the 1653, but if it’s the exact same hardware as the 1633 I’m not holding much hope…


See the CS07 thread for my CMC MAG. AE1 results. They burned surprisingly well. The Sony firmware doesn’t seem to do -R as well as BS41, in my experience. Then again, I’ve tested only one disc. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your 1633 is blessed… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think I’ll try (4) more. :slight_smile:


My 1213S (not a 1633S ;)) is indeed very “blessed”… I guess I was very lucky in getting the particular drive that I got…

Yea, don’t waste your media testing too much. This could also be a media quality issue (if you read Wes’s Mad Dog review, you’ll see that the drive did miserably with a batch of Memorex CMC MAG. AE1 while it did quite well with a Teon CMC MAG. AE1, and it was probably luck that he got a bad Memorex batch and a good Teon batch) and a drive quality issue. For the record, I did my CMC MAG. AE1 burn with a freshly reset EEPROM; did not need any additional burns for the quality.