Lite-On 1633s and DVD-R media



What is the best dvd-r media for this drive? I’ve tried ritek 4x with average results and by reading i seen that ty02 dvd-r was good but my scans are in the 1000’s. So would someone who burns dvd-r’s please reply with the best dvd-r media to use?

P.S. I do not want DVD+R.


My 1633s get pretty good results with Ritek G05. Verbatim and TY are very hard media to beat and should give you good results!! :slight_smile:


May be MCC02RG20 (Verbatim)? Not sure that it is best, but very well.
I think that you should try other “write strategies”. PI>1000?


Both Verbatim MCC01RG20 and Moser Baer MBI01RG20 gave excellent results with my 1633 fw BS0S, both burned at the rated speed, 4x.

Maybe you should check out this thread Talon88 created, very useful for all 3S drives:

:smiley: Leo


Thanks for the quick replys. I think i may have gotten a bad batch of ty’s tyg02. i tried burning 2 in my benq 1620 and read with the 1633s and the results are even worse.


If you are getting scans in the 1000’s with both burners your problem may not be media related. You mentioned average results with Ritek 4x, Can you expand on average results?


ritek g04 pi under 150 and pif under 4. I just bought a 100 of these tyg04 and i dont think they are going to work. i was alright with the ritek g04’s but i read on the forum that ty’s were among the best so i bought some. And the dvd-r tg02 dont like eaither of my drives.


You are right PI of 150 is acceptable, but I am sure your burner can do better. Maybe post a couple of scans along with your machine specs and firmware, there are a lot of people on this forum that can point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Can I ask WHY do you NEED to use DVD-R ? There is no advantage. +R has many technical advantages, it’s more tolerant to errors and it supports bitsetting for excellent compatibility… so why insist on using -R ?


I have old dvd players and an old ps2 with a weak laser. They will not play dvd+r with booktype to dvd-rom. But play dvd-r just fine. It is cheaper to burn everything with dvd-r than to upgrade my dvd players and ps2. And i also have all these dvd-r’s already purchased. my benq 1620 usually burns anything good but these tyg02’s suck even with the 1620.


are you sure you’ve got good TY??? Once I got myself a 50 pack of mirror brand TY. They were really bad !!!



Gary, thanks.

Looks like i may have fake ty’s. Damn!


I believe I have purchased real TY -R’s, advertised as TY from the media code is TYG02, with GG000095 printed on a DVD, however my scans are horrible… so horrible that i need some suggestions on how to fix this…A problem I noticed is that K-Probe did not load the media type and Windows had a hard time reading it. Also Nero allows me to burn at 8x, even though I have not changed strats and they are 4x discs. I have a 1633 cf’ed to CSTJ.


flashed to csok… now i get excellent scans :slight_smile:


Are you using Nero to burn your DVDs and, if so, which version? I was running BSOH on a 1633 and running Nero and getting lousy burns on TY02. I read in another thread that Nero didn’t work well on a 1633S drive. By the way, I just noticed you mentioned in your message that you have a 1633S, but your test results on CSTJ and CSOK indicate a 1653. Any comments?

Tom H.


Do CSTJ and CSOK essentially change my drive from a 1633S to a 1653S drive?


yes, they do.


I tried CSOK awhile ago and when I tried to burn using Nero, the burn stalled. Using Omnipatcher I noticed CSOK doesn’t support changing the booktype. I’m also wondering if Nero does not work with the 1633 drive. I changed the firmware from CSOK back to BSOK and after using DVD-Lab, I noticed no errors and acceptable PI and PIF numbers. I need to use Nero to change the booktype; DVD-Lab doesn’t support it. Thanks.

Tom H.


you can change the booktype with the official lite-on booktype utility: