Lite on 1633s and Booktype



Hi guys,

sorry for my poor English,

I am trying to use Booktype to use the bitsetting option, but it won’t work :sad:
each time I double click on the EXE, it says “drive detected but not compatible with this soft” (something like that).
I know I have the rigth version (133) and the right drive (1633S), the rigth firmware (BS0R) so what’s wrong?

My motherboard: Asus A7N8X dlx PCB2
my 1633S drive is on the primary channel as slave (with on HD as master).
I have 1 player JLMS as slave on the secondary channel, and one cd writer Mitsumi as master on the secondary channel.
I also have 2 HD connected on my sata connecteur and used in RAID0.

I have the feeling booktype is not detecting the rigth drive !! What can I do?


connect your 1633s as master on secondary ide, your jlms as slave on primary ide and your mitsumi as slave on secondary ide.


I am gonna give a shot !!


No, it doesn’t work. I still have the same error message “Unsuported drive detected” !!!

What’s wrong???


I just noticed Kprobe won’t install neither ??? Any body knows why? Could it be Nero which causes those problemes?


Welcome :slight_smile:

This problem is usually caused by having the NForce IDE driver installed. Roll back your driver to the MS IDE driver and things should start to work correctly. :wink:


I was just thinking about that !!! Thanks a lot, I am going to try now. I am sure your rigth !


100% right. Every thing is rigth now,