Lite On 1633 not reading certain DVDs



Ive noticed that 1633S is having lot of difficulty reading DVD disc. I only had this drive no more than 3 weeks. I was trying to make an ISO images of the of my movies I own (The Hitcher, bought it at target for $7) and disc never get recognized. Of course if I put it in my Nec 1300, it sees it fine. I’ve tried couple more movies and same result. Two more movies I’ve tried also did not get recognized (one was brand new disc, no scratches, another disc did have lot of scratches). I am currently using CS09 firmware.

I was thinking about either flashing to firmware to BS41 or BS0S stock. I’m really trying to give this drive the benefit of the doubt but more and more I’m thinking about taking it back (either get BenQ or Nec 3520)



I know I’m probably gonna get slapped around for this one, but give it another week or two and it probably won’t read anything…


how about cross flash with the 1653s?


A broken drive will remain broken, what ever firmware you use.

And kaphine is using CS09, as stated in his post.


kapine look at this thread


don’t be so negatif ! Mine reads and writes pretty well ! I was even surprised to see it writing a cd at 52X !!!
unfortunatly out of 3 1633, 2 are craps !! So get yours changed until you get the right one.


Read the signature, been through 5 already…


kapine look at this thread

I’m definitely taking this back now. I guess I got one of the bad batch of 1633 :frowning:


Just for the heck of it, I reflashed the drive from CS09 to BS41. Now the same discs that did not played are being recognized by the drive. :confused: I’m going to return this drive this weekend and order either NEC 3520 or Benq 1620. I really wanted to keep this drive but oh well.


I think he is entitled to his opinion and he has every right to be frustrated with LITEON, so first you tell him not to be negative, and then you go on saying that 2 out of 3 drives are CRAP, wow that’s a lot of drives… That’s over 60% of bad drives out there …

I guess I am one of the lucky ones then…

Just feel bad for people who are getting ignored by LITEON.

As to PCDOC, you’ve gone through too many, you should have just switched brands, after the 2nd bad one.


You just don’t get it do ya? Being negative 'bout a product is beyond your control. People don’t need your permission to post negative statements on a bad product…

You started feeling bad for people when you got continuously confronted for ignoring product problems and suggesting the problem was the users competency …

As far as switching brands you never bother to read the signatures do ya… I own many brands, their performance is the foundation for my judgement of Liteons poor quality control/products…