Lite-On 1633 Burning Speed Slow



Hi All,
I have the Lite-On 1633SX external burner and for some reasons my dvd burning time is incredibly slow, it takes around 2 hours to burn a dvd and I know that can’t be right. Nero tells me that it is burning at 16x yet still takes 2 hours, i am using Memorex 16x dvd+r’s. I have gone in and checked to see if the ide’s are set to DMA which they are, even tried reinstalling them to see if that would help but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions that i could try? I am using this burner on a sony vaio laptop, PCG-V505ACP. THanks.


are you just doing a straight burn? ie not converting a dvd or encoding.

try doing aburst rate test with cdspeed, and post the result.


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Make sure USB-2 mode is enabled (on your laptop), both in BIOS and your OS.

BTW, your burner is connected to USB bus therefore checking the IDE’s DMA is to no avail.


I am not sure if my laptop has a USB 2.0 port, i went and looked in the device manager under USB controllers and do not see a enhanced controller available, only the standard controllers. 2 questions, is there any other way to figure out if the USB is 2.0, and 2 if i were to go out and buy a PCMCIA USB card which was 2.0 would that increase the burn time significantly. Thanks for the help.

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looks like it has 2 usb 2.0 ports, see here


Do you have any other devices plugged into the USB ports?

If so, try unplugging them to see if that helps.


2 hours???
Use Drive Speed or other tools to test your system performance.
Make sure you stop all unnecesary program before burning.

Or you should try 8x or 4x to see if this improve the timing