Lite-On 16102C flashed to 24102B - Red LED stays on

Hi there, hope you could help me out on this little problem of mine.

Yesterday I took the plunge and flashed my Lite-ON 16102C with Firmware PCB51-US5 into a 24102B using the Taiwanese hacked firmware flasher. After the flash, the drive wrks fine as a 24102B in almost every way except for one small detail: The Red LED light doesn’t seem to turn itself off by itself, and seems to stay that way until I burn something. Then it turns off,but at my next reboot it turns itself on again at POST and stays that way until I burn something again. Can anything be done to make it turn itself off unless I’m burning something? It’s a little annoying to see that red light always on, as well as my fears that it might burn out prematurely.

Also, I noticed that it always stays on PIO mode in WinXP even if I explicitly specified it to run whenever possible in DMA in Device Manager. The original firmware always ran on DMA before the flash, and I heard reinstalling WinXP could reenable it again. But is there any surefire way to reenable DMA in this drive short of an OS reinstall? It’s on secondary master btw.

Thanks for any help on this. :slight_smile:

Try playing around with these [COLOR=purple]firmwares and see what happens.[/COLOR]

Ah, thanks, BoSkin. :slight_smile: I guess for all intents and purposes my drive’s officially a 24102B already, eh? :wink:

I think you didn’t get my point here. Reflashing your drive may help in solving your prob.

Yes, I did get what you mean. :slight_smile: I said that because I though at first that after flashing a drive you can’t get it back to its previous state; But I dug around a bit into alexnoe’s site after downloading all of them and I found a better solution: a flasher which restored my Lite-On to its previous state, as well as a better version of the upgrade firmware to flash it to a 24102B. :stuck_out_tongue: I just reflashed it back to a 16102C, and will try overclocking it again later.

Big thanks goes out to you and alexnoe. :slight_smile:

All right, thanks for that and please post here about your experience with re-overclocking and stuff.

For the benefit of people who would encounter problems flashing their 16102C to 24102B, here’s what I did. Note that my burner was still burning CDs fine at 24X, it was only the light that was bugging me a bit. If your drive exhibits the “bad flash” symptoms (green light continuously on, can’t read/write cds), I guess you can still try this, but you’re on your own at that point.

  1. Go here and get the two files from the 16102C link. You’ll need them both for a safety net.

  2. Use the one labeled “16c5s57.ace” to flash it to a 24102B: Unace it and run it. The LED shouls flash ONLY THE GREEN light while it’s upgrading the firmware, there shouldn’t be any red or orange LEDs flashing. At least, I didn’t notice any.

  3. It’ll prompt you to reboot. At POST, if your drives are set to autodetect, you should see that it’s now being detected as a 24102B.

  4. Shit happens when you’re down on luck, so if you encountered any problem, just flashit back to a 1610C using the file labeled “24bus52.ace”.

And there you have it… 24x burning, with no side effects. :stuck_out_tongue: I wishI could attach pics, but I guess attachments are disabled here.

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I guess attachments are disabled here

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No need to pester the management, IMG code is enabled.

What a brilliant and fast way of concern for the visitors ! ovation :wink:

Here you go. Hope it works, as I attached it in a thread in the forums I moderate.

Here’s a CloneCD shot:

Here’s a Nero shot:

And here it is erasing a CDRW in 4X (heh):

Will post a shot of it writing at 24X when I get some blanks… I’m outta it at the moment. ^__^;;