Lite On 12x10x32 Burn Proof and SafeDisc 2?

I want to buy a Lite On 12x10x32 IDE Burn Proof, but my question is: does it support SafeDisc 2?

I know it’s not in the list ( of the cd-writers that are capable to copy safedisc 2, but I just want to make sure, because it’s a very good device for a low price.

Please help me… thnx!

I dont think it does.
Only plextor i think.

Doesn’t someone know for sure?
Otherwise I will buy me a Philips, because they do support sd2… :confused:

Yes plextor will read and write safedisk2…but the disk it writes can only be read in your plextor drive…if u want a drive that can do both…good luck…i would tell u to get two drives…the plextor to read the disk and make an image file…it does that perfict…then get the acer crw1208A to record it…The rumer is the acer will do both read and write safedisk2…but it will take a long time to read and make an image file…oh I forgot…Liteon will not read or copy safe disk 2…good luck