Lite on 12x dvd



Does any one know if the liteon 12 dvd is any good? How fast can i grab audio?

thank you


you’re welcome!


manga; i’m glad you welcome our new members, but that doesn’t solve his question :wink:

I don’t know what the dae speed is, but normally it’s listed @ the box


According to CLICK HERE it is 31.9x !

But according to CLICK THIS it is 14x !

Could be a different firmware, but Cdspeed is usually reliable.

Mattel007, Blind1 knows why I reacted so cynically. :cool: I hope he responds this time, but he is welcome anyway.


Mango: Thank you so much, now this is some info i can use, regarding my last thread where i didnt thank you,was partly a fault. But you see i couldnt not use the info on the 16x liteon dvd simply because it isnt in the stores here yet! But ofcourse i should have given you some thanx for spending your time trying to help me. So here by i thank you mango both for this usefull post and the other one. Hope you can forgive me, because im not here to make enemies.


Hey blind1 welcome and don’t worry about it :wink:

I wanted to tell you that I just saw tests of the two in a german site, and the 16x is better overall than the 12x. I don’t know if you use CloneCD cause if you do it’s important to know that the 16x can read RAW and subchannel data (which is needed for copying protected discs) and the 12x can’t do it.

Anyone interested in reading the test THIS is a link to Google translation of it.
It’s a relatively new drive so maybe you will be able to get it soon.
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I just brought the 12x lite on dvd, and i rips audio with 31x when dma is enablet


congrats and enjoy your new drive! :cool:


Thank you mango