Lite-on 1213S Problem!

Hi everybody

first sorry for my bad english

This is the problem my brother brings to me from the US a DVD-R Lite-on 1213s I installed it with no problem and i used Nero’s latest version and i burned my first 3 data dvds the bruning prosess done with no problem BUT :eek: the DVD-R can’t read them!!! and it can’t read any burned dvd!!! I tried with an original DVD it works fine!!!

PLZ guys help me out :bow:

PS : I flashed the DVD-R with the latest frimeware DR12TS0D found it in the lite-on site and the problem still on.

I took my 1213 to a 1653 with CSOM. Works great. gl

Have you tried burning with a different media brand?

You could also try reinstalling Nero, to reset to default settings incase some setting has been mistakenly changed.

How to do that? ty

ya everything is alright i eve tried the burned dvd on a friends Pc it works good

If you want better media support and better results go to the Firmware Page and download the csom fw for the 1653(its for the 1213 also) run it and you have a 1653 that works pretty d### well. DOn’t forget it will void your warranty but I think its worth it. Good luck. Johnny

I did that and the problem is still on!!!

download this:

unpack and run the “1653S.CS0M.patched-cf-ledfix.exe”

I’ve done that dude but the problem is not resolved!!!