Lite-On 1213s no longer reads or writes cds

While burning a cd-r (generic maxwell 48x) Nero 6 ( reported a Power Calibration error and crashed my computer, now, after a restart, the drive will not read CD’s (CD-Rs, CD-RWs, CD-ROMs) or burn CD-R/RWs.

I’ve tried crossflashing to 1635s Firmware, flashing back to TS0D firmware, uninstalling Daemon Tools, I even took the drive apart and blew the crap out of it with a compressor.

The drive still burns and reads DVDs perfectly, what could be wrong?

:confused: :doh:

My system is a PIII-733, based on a AOPEN AX-34 Motherboard with 512MB Ram running Windows 2003 Server SP1 (IMAPI Enabled)

that has happened to many people. you can’t use your drive for burning/reading cds anymore now. there’s nothing you can do to fix this, just get a new drive.

wow, i’ve just encountered the exact same problem with my 1213S and i’m quite amazed… i’ve known it wasn’t an incredible drive, but i would have never expected it to break down like this (mostly from my faith in LiteOn, though).

chok0, do you or anyone else know why this happens- why the 1213S is prone to mechanical failure like this? also, has this occurred or is it believed that this is bound to occur with other LiteOn drives? i was considering a 1653S or 1693S as its replacement, but not if if i’m likely to lose CD capabilities again in another year.

this problem is only known with 1213 up to 1653s drives as they use the same hardware.
i don’t know why this happens.
if you want a new drive, get a 1635s or newer.