Lite-on 112 owners

To all Lite-on 112 owners!!

I am a new proud owner of a Lite-on 112-115!

What quality BR media do you recommend?

How is it with the LTH compatibility? Is Verbatim LTH working on the last driver?

…or other things that is good to now!

Much appreciate for your tips and help!

What is your purpose in burning Blu-ray? if for copying movies, stick with decent quality media, i would never go LTH, its a lower quality less compatible form of blu-ray disc creation. most other media should be ok, however Lite-on drives are notorious for not being compatible with some disc types out there, so don’t be surprised if you run across some incompatible media.

if you’re purpose is for Blu-ray based personal file archive I’d go with either digistor or panasonic media (both sold at you want high quality media for long lasting archives.

You can give these a try, $32.90 for 50 shipped:

Here are some scan results including mine with the 112. They’re all the same MID but the Melody branded disks are on the second page: