Lite-on 1005HC and mpeg4


I recently bought Lite-on 1005HC which is suppose to be able to play MPEG4 DVDs. It was not able to play MPEG4 (avi) files that I have from a canon S410 and a Sony miniDV canera. I was thinking if I can put mpeg4 on DVD, it will solve the problem w quality loss associated w converting them to DVD. I have been using easy CD creator 7 to convert miniDV to DVD but I do not like the loss of qulaity.
Can anyone help with how to make MPGE4 dvd that I can play on Lite-on 1005HC?


mpeg4 is not mpeg4.
divx is not xvid, and so on.

As chef says, the possible range of variation within the MPEG4 standards is immense, ranging from HDTV quality down to the most horrible blocky rubbish imaginable. There a number of sub-specifications that need to be matched before playing “MPEG4” is possible.

Do you mean you have the LiteOn 1105HC? I can’t find a 1005HC at all anywhere… If you have the 1105HC then there should be a DV input which will allow you to record your camera output direct to DVD (MPEG2) at high quality. This hardware-based encoding will give a much better results conversion than a software PC solution such as ‘Creator 7’.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, it is 1105HC. I tried copying with DV input, but there is still noticable difference in sharpness.

I was surprised by this, but then went to read Seán’s review of the 1105HC which indeed shows that particular LiteOn recorder to have a definite poorer quality at HQ recording than other units.

I know your question was about MPEG4 encoding, but unless you’re going to get a whole new system to encode to high resolution MPEG4, then it likely that any results are always going to be worse than expected. My advice would be that you should pursue the DV -> MPEG2 route using a standalone DVD recorder of good quality, because this is simply the best and most covenient way to transfer this type of footage.

One thing you could do, if you are not satisfied with the HQ quality of the LiteOn, is to return it and exchange it for another recorder that has better video recording quality. Some of the Sony recorders (and Pioneer, I think) have a special high quality recording mode which is supposed to give spectacular results with DV material.

Thanks so much for your advise.
I checked out the review pages. They were very useful. I am surprised that I did not find that on google. Next time I will check these articles before I buy a DVD machine.
Thanks again.