Lite offs x40 for 49$ :cool:

I just got my 40x12x48 at a computer show here in cali for 49+tax. Came out to 53 bucks!! Cant wait to start burning!

Starting Sunday (9/29) Office Max has Cendyne 48x drives for $39.99 after instant savings and a $30 MIR. I saw a post on another board that suggested the following:

Buy online:
Cendyne 48x drive for $69.99.
Hi-Val 100 CD-R (free after rebate) for $20.
A $10 item that is free after rebate (they had a couple phones for around $10).
Another small item that takes you over $100.

Then, use an online coupon for -$25 on $100 purchase (search Google for OfficeMax coupon).

Your total cost will be around $75. Apply the rebates (-$30 CD-RW, -$20 CD-Rโ€™s, -$10 phone, etc.) and your final cost is ~$15. There is tax. Shipping was free over $50. :wink:

They also had memory and some other items you might use.

Cendynes can be Lite-Ons (they are at my OfficeMax, check the Drive Model on the box for a Lite-On model number).

If you hate rebates, donโ€™t do it.