Lite-no dvdrw sohw-16335 well not read dvds

:confused:hell0 ,i have a lite-on dvd rw sohw-16335 it well read an write cds, but it well not dvds. can anyone help me on this,i installed four other computers an i get the same thing going on thank you ksticken

I have this problem, but I have a Lite-On sohw-1693s. I had no trouble with it in an xp but now that I am running it on a windows 2000 the dvd part wont function. I can read and burn cds but not dvds. I was told software was the problem so I did what i was told and got clone dvd2. still wont read it. Was told i needed a decrypter so I got dvd decrypter (i think thats the number) and still nothing now the comp tech I spoke to said its a windows problem. Can anyone at all help? I’m not a computer genius, This is beyond me to fix. why is windows not recognizing it as a dvd burner? it says in the hardware manager that i have what i have but under my computer it says its a compact disc. if any one has had this problem and fixed it please tell me how.