Lite 32x and AMD-333

Hello all

i have an AMD-333 and a kinda old HD (4.3GB)
i want to buy the Lite-on 32x and i am wondering if i would be able to write cds without any errors.Can my weak processor do the job at Lite’s minimun recording speed of 8x ?

Thank u

I’ve used a LTR-24102B on a Pentium PRO 200 without problems, so I guess LTR-32123S at 333MHz should not be a problem.

Anyway you do have the buffer underrun protection to avoid coasters :wink:

I tried a LTR-32x on my sister’s 266 AMD and it wouldn’t work, even at 8x. Then I tried a LTR-16x and it would work, but only up to 12x.

Her HDD is an ancient Quantum Bigfoot 2GB. It’s a real slow (RPM and ATA speed) drive, that might acount for some of the trouble. I tried a spare Max 7200RPM drive in her box and the 16x burner could burn at 16x. So it’s not just the CPU speed, but the HDD speed also.

Edit: Can’t you flash the 32x with the XSOU firmware to get slower minimun write speeds? Anyone know the particulars with this?

I have a K6-3 400 and can burn at 32x no problem. As long as you have the smartburn on, you should be ok.

I do have a fast ATA100 7200RMP hard drive though.

PC does crawl while buring at 32x though, so I can’t really do anything else.

With my 12x burner, I was able to do some other things while burning…but not now.

Thanks for your replies guys.

I bought it and i can burn fine at 8x.I won’t push it further though.I think i’ve reached the limit of my HD…

PS With Nero i can burn at 4x with no problems at all without using that update.