Lite 20a1p consigli

most expensive friends I attend the Italian forum of cdfreaks hour I have a problem with mine liteon 20a1p cioe I do not succeed with this masterizzatore to carry out of bunas masterizzazioni hour I do not know if it depends on the liteon or from the supporrti taken from svp and are of the verbatin ty03 +r I wanted to ask codeking some impression on these scansions and the drive in issue and on as to use smart burn and hypertuning cioe with the dvd plextor and verbatin convene to activate them puttroppo or my drive and defective or are not good the dvd aspect your councils
firm drive 20a1p kL05

Your first two scans are fine.
The third one is not that fine but ok.
If you can do good transfer rate tests, the discs should be ok. :slight_smile:

Don’t know what [B]C0deking [/B]thinks, but please don’t feel disturbed of my humble opinion. :bigsmile:

thanks for your opinion :bow:
pear tree on the forum I see scansions with the maximum number of pif of 120.
as with my drive I never do not succeed to obtain these turn out to you and perhaps guilt of the drive that does not work well or I must change the firm of the drive :a

using firm of kodeking that one klo5 what it changes regarding that one originates them of the liteon improves some thing and as it goes put?