LITE 163 or 163d?

Hi guys, what´s the diference between this two drives???

DVD LITE ON 163d:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :eek: :smiley:

You would have found the answer by searching the forum, it have been answered several times already. :wink:

For the user there should be no difference, one of the component makers stopped making one of the components in the drive so they had to replace it with a new version of the component. This also required a new firmware version so they added the D letter to make the modelname a bit different, reflecting that they can’t use the same firmware versions.

If you wanna buy 1,better buy the LTD163,this 1 you can make region free…don’t know if it’s possible for LTD 163D…

Also possible with LTD-163D :smiley:

TNX!!:slight_smile: With the same region free firmware???

With the same R1211 utility. It patches the firmware that the drive already has.

The first 163D firmware, the GHR2 does not accept the patch but the latest one, the GHR3, does.

they are different in their optical reading head.
so they need different FW.

actually they dont need different firmware you can use frimware for both models on both drives by flashing them with mtkflash , I have LTD-163D but with LTD-163 firmware Gh5k on it . It works a lot better than the 163d GHR3 firmware , they have put much more time into developing the 163 firmware since it has been out much longer .

Thanks for the information.

I own a Liteon LTD163D with Gh2 firmware.
I would like to upgrade it to GH5W firnware of the LTD163.
I can’t seem to find the firmware in bin format. Could you send it to me?



I was just curious. How long have you been operating your 163d with 163 firmware?

Could you please describe some noticeable improvement you have seen?


I have been using it for a couple months , it works good . I was testing read speed with cdspeed , it seemed to work alot better with the 163 firmware rather than the 163D firmware .

could you tell me how to go about flashing my ltd163d to the ltd163 firmware please?..cheers .dave

use mtkflash in pure dos and flash it with a firmware bin from a 163 drive .