Lite-0n LVW-1107HC1 DVD standalone: audio problems

I just bought a Lite-On LVW-1107HC1 DVD recorder (Best Buy, $119.00+tax). I purchased it primarily to save some shows I recorded on the Tivo and would like to save for future viewing. I also have a lot of analogue and digital video tapes which I would like to save to DVD.

I used Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R blank media, purchased from

I’ve recorded and finalized only two DVD’s. Both were roughly 1:30 movies, recorded in 2 hour mode.

Playback on the LVW-1107HC1 seemed excellent. I did not notice any loss of quality and audio was perfect.

When I tried playing them back on a gently-used 5-year-old Toshiba SD-2300 DVD player, neither would play. The screen said something like Media Error. I’m not sure if the SD-2300 is supposed to play DVD-R media.

When I tried playing them back on an approximately 3-year old, rather beat-up (bought used on ebay for $30) Toshiba SD-2800 DVD player, the video plays perfectly, but the audio comes and goes. It seemed almost as if every other chapter (the LVW-1107HC1 automatically puts in chapter markers… settable frequency, but the default 5 min frequency was used) had no audio at all. One chapter (3 or 4 chapters in from the beginning) started out with good audio, but then after a few seconds, it started breaking up and then the audio disappeared entirely in that chapter. I did not play every minute of the DVD… the audio may have come back later in the chapter.

So, is this a common problem? Is it because the SD-2800 seems pretty beat up? I tried playing a clean, purchased DVD movie and it had no problems at all, audio or video.

Is the problem likely in the way the LVW-1107HC1 records or likely problems in the playback deck?

I have three more DVD drives on which I could try the DVD’s. I have an old Pioneer DVD player in one of my PC’s. That PC also has an almost new Benq 1655 Lightscribe burner. My other PC has a nearly new NEC 3540-A DVD burner.

We’ve got a brand new (NOS) Toshiba SD-2800 at my in-laws condo, so maybe I’ll try the disks there. I guess that will confirm or rule out whether the problem has to do with the condition of the ebay-purchased SD-2800, eh?

Any advice besides my additional tests? Hmmm… I suppose I should do PIF and PIE tests (I have Nero), which will let me know if my burn was good.

Any other thoughts?



I have the LVW-1105HC+ and while recorded discs from it play fine in three other standalones, I have had problems playing the discs back in PowerDVD on a PC. However, the issue I had was different in that the first hour would play fine and then after that, the video would get very jumpy, although the sound was fine. :rolleyes:

Some very old DVD players are very picky at reading recordable media. From what I’m aware of, Taiyo Yuden’s 8x DVD-R media is one of the highest quality DVD-R media available, so chances are that if it does not play these, it will unlikely play other brands of DVD-R media. However, it may be worth giving a DVD+R a try, since I previously owned a 12x DVD-ROM drive which would read DVD+R without any issue, but gave problems reading most DVD-R media.

One thing worth trying is playing a cleaning disc in your old Toshiba, just in case it is a dirty laser lens. However, just to rule out a compatibility issue with the player, I would recommend giving the discs a try in your in-laws’ new player first. On the other hand, if the video plays back very smooth with intermittent audio, this is a fairly clear sign that the player is having comaptibility issues with the disc, since generally the video starts breaking up with readibility issues long before the audio starts breaking up.

If you can perform PI/PIF scans, that would determine the writing quality of the recorded discs. However, as your LVW-1107HC1 can play back its own recorded discs, there is a good chance that the recordings are of good quality. :wink:

I have a 1107HC1 DVD recorder also and I have noticed interesting audio problems with this unit. It seems to play recordings normally on the LiteOn 1107HC1 unit. But these DVDs do not seem to play well on my standalone DVD player - a Panasonic DVD-S35. The problem I have is that there is no audio on most of the chapters.

The DVDs I create with the LiteOn 1107HC1 DVD recorder seem to play normally on my desktop PC’s DVD drive - a Sony DVD RW DW-D22A - and Cyberlink PowerDVD player. But when I try to extract clips from these DVDs using low-end using SmartRipper or DVDdecrypter, and try to make VCD files using video editing tools like AcrSoft Showbiz, the audio get’s out of synch with the video and there is a lot of noise added.

So I think there is a basic compatibility problem that the LiteOn 1107HC1 DVD recorder with non-LiteOn players.