Listing of grade A,B DVD-R

i D/L DVD Identifier now how do i fiind out what Grade of dvd-r do i have? Is there a list of grade A or b’s ava?

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:flower:You should be asking in the Blank Media section. TY and Verbatim are the only A Grade. Sony, Optodisc, Prodisc, Ritek ect. are B grades. There is no accurate list available.

Its not just an issue of the quality of the media. Compatibility with your drive is just as important. The sad thing is, anymore, most media is average at best and compatibility is poor between many drives and medias. If I had to make a guess why, I would say that prices have gotten so rock bottom, it no longer cost effective to put the time and resources into strong firmware development (which would provide good compatibility). Media that was often considered average in the 4x and 8x days is now considered good quality compared to most 16x medias too.
Like jamescooley1 said, ty and verbatim are your best bets. I have had good luck with sony too but it depends on the drive.
I would recommend learning to error scan your disks as it is the only way to tell if they are burning well (even top quality media may burn poorly if the drive doesn’t support it well). What kind of burner do you have?

Yup, unbranded TY (Taiyo Yuden) or Verbatim are your best bet. I’m partial to the 8x unbranded TY myself. Available from They are available from other sites but I seem to get my best discs overall from rima and of course there is no questioning rima’s reputation, speed and service. :wink:

By the way, I’m not recommending those because they are the best. I’m recommending those because they are the only medias left (that are easily available in the US) that I don’t get a lot of questionable burns with. Its kind of like they are the only good medias left anymore (or at least the only well supported medias left). You might find other good things if you want to go digging through packs looking for certain serial numbers etc.