Listening to audio through the dvd player (DVDR3475)



I recently bought the Philips DVD Recorder/Player 3475 because my old Fisher dvd player is really old and it doesn’t record (which is my main reason for buying the Philips). I am one of those people (I’m a night owl) who tend to watch movies late at night through headphones. My old dvd player has a headphone jack, but this new Philips one doesn’t and I’m a bit down about that. So my question is…is there an RCA connector or something I could buy that will connect to the dvd player and to my headphones so I can listen to what I watch through my headphones instead of out loud and disturbing everyone at night?

I probably should also add that I have an older RCA tv. It’s not one of those flat screens either. The only rca plugs on it are for video and one audio (white) which is located on the front of the tv.