to offer legal CD-burning - finally

I just posted the article to offer legal CD-burning - finally.

While we can think of many legal reasons to burn a CD, ZDNet has published an article with the headline that will start to offer legal CD-burning. What they mean is that has…

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:frowning: :frowning: No way guys!!! Do the math… 99 cents per song, I don’t know about you, but I can fit anywhere from 1 to 21 songs per disk, plus the cost of the disk and the time involved in downloading,… NO WAY! Get a clue!

It’s still pricey, but doing straydog’s math you get to pay around $20-22 for a CD, but at least the songs are the songs you like, contrary to the pletorah of ONE-HIT-WONDERS around…a CD with one decent song and the rest is crap. For the people who will be willing to pay I believe this price will be fair. I won’t spend $20 on american artist songs…LOL…there are not even close to 20 decent songs in the last few years playing around.:4

Erm…you do the math. You are paying 99c for a LOSSY format that is not as good as the original. I doubt they encode them at the best bitrates either. Also YOU are paying for the media, the time to search, download and compile then burn it. You also do not get any printed packaging. And you can get it elsewhere for free and ptobably a better quality version. No competition.

20 songs on a cdr makes 20 dollars. are they crazy or what? that’s what you pay in the shop for a cd! and if you buy a cd, you don’t have to download, burn, pay for a cdr, so basically you lose money and time! if you download from fasttrack, you lose some time, but it’s free! but to lose money AND time?! no, they must be crazy, most definitely; or they believe us to be either crazy or stupid. but we are not. I am staying on fasttrack

Great!! :wink: But count me out. I am not gonna pay extra to burn. What a load of crap. My tip: add “web” to the url and invest 51 cents more. For a US dollar and a half you can download and burn as many tracks as your connection can handle during 8 hours. That’s the way (aha aha)i like it, (aha aha), as far as legit downloading is concerned. And don’t you dare to nag and reply “I am not going to pay at all,as long as I can get it for free” Once you have tried I am sure you will go there more often to get your full albums. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you download a complete album, it will cost at least the price or even more than purchasing it in the shop. You end up with a CD with quality not sounding like the shop version and you don’t get any CD in-lets or colour printed CD :frowning: That’s not even counting the cost & time spent online getting the content! Sorry, it’s back to P2P for students & low income users and the Shops for those with deep pockets.