now also allows CD burning of BMG tracks - high 5

I just posted the article now also allows CD burning of BMG tracks - high 5. today announced a new agreement with BMG, the worldwide music division of Bertelsmann, AG, that will enable Rhapsody subscribers in the United States to purchase and burn tens of…

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When they allow us to download and burn full albums for free a month before they come out like we do now then maybe we’ll join!..LOL :4

99c is still too high when you are the one downloading the song and using your own media to burn the songs. The quality of the download is not CD quality so what are your really paying for?

“These CDs can be played in any standard CD player.” Uhm if i read it right does that burn program burn it with some kind of cd protection? Maybe a stupid question but i also think it’s nonsense … :wink:

When you convert an mp3 back to a wav don’t you get all the cd quality sound back anyway? THe file size suggests you do.