List: Printers which spy on you (really)

Many printers leave an almost invisible pattern of dots on paper…a UNIQUE pattern which means whatever you print can be traced back to your printer.

Check here to see if your printer is on the list.

Will the spying stop if I wear tinfoil underwear on my head? :stuck_out_tongue:

You´ll need more than tin-foil underwear sir.

Now I can track down the author of the gay love letters you have been sending me. :doh:

I think you’ll find that they are your own letters returned to sender. :smiley:

Not to me! I use toners made out of ectoplasma! :slight_smile:

Our company printer ,Le Úntraceble LU2780015-lx is a model with green kryptonite…

The jetting pattern of every printer is unique and can be traced back.
But aside from that nearly all printers, copiers etc have signatures that can be traced back - certainly in the USA and Canada there were agreeements between printer manufacturers and security services to build traceability into copying devices.
The main reason was to try and stop counterfeiting.

A lot of copying devices also have inbuilt recognition of banknotes, and will fail to copy them, or automatically insert words across the copy to try and prevent copying taking place - I’m not sure if these devices also log illegal copying attempts, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

(umm… sorry, that was rather serious for this thread wasn’t it. :bigsmile: )

It started out being serious but our scallywag pet dragon started the nonsense first…!

It seems it’s also not possible to scan in banknotes into photoshop and tweak the images.

Doesn’t surprise me. When the security services started putting pressure on digital reproduction industries to adopt these blocks and tracking systems, there was quite a lot of opposition from some companies, but since the 9/11 “war on terror” thing started, I believe that most opposition has gone (or been removed).

Once the inbuilt software or hardware systems have been put in place, it’s not likely that they’ll ever be taken out.

When the fuji-xerox “technical engineers” (hahahaha) commissioned our photocopier … the “techical engineer” (hahahaha) plucked out a $20 note & and copied it. The copy was clearer and more vibrant than the original.

I guess Oz is busy looking for large scale counterfeiters, rather than occasional offfice workers short of a few $ :wink: