List of rebadged LiteOn 812s drives

How many drives are actually liteon812s?

Sony DR-U18A and
Gigabyte W0808A are confirmed. Do you know any other?

This is an incomplete list…

Rebadged 812S:
DRW-2S81 (4KUS)
DW-U18A (Sony, and a few generics)
DV-W58G-A (Teac)
IMWDVRW8DE (Imation)
DVD+/-RW8J1 (Freecom)
GO-W0808A (Gigabyte)
DVD+/-RW True8XI (Memorex)

Rebadged 832S:
DRW-2S83 (4KUS)
DW-D18A (Sony, and a few generics)
DRU-700A (Sony)


Speer DRW-2S81

does this mean i can flash any brand/model in the list of the rebadged 812s to a 832 in order to enable DL?


But be careful and pay attention to the details! For example, the Memorex True8xI is a LiteOn, but there are two other “True8x” Memorex drives with slightly different name endings that are not LiteOn.

Best way to double-check that the drive is indeed a LiteOn is to note that ALL 812S firmwares for real and rebadged units all start with ‘U’. All 832S and rebadge firmwares start with ‘V’.

anybody knows if the new TEAC model DV-W58DK is included in this rebadged liteOn list?

new fw is DV-W58D_FW113EU.EXE firmware revision 1.08/1.11 to 1.13

I got one 812s from staples. It’s pacific digital brand.


no, no one knows or no its not?

No, it’s not. the DV-W58D is made by Pioneer. The ‘K’ on the end is probably insignificant.