List of rebadged drives anywhere handy?

Im wondering if there is a comprehensive list anywhere which clarifies which drives use the same chipset which one could use to distinguish drives which are rebadged?

for example, i have a LG 4163, a pioneer 105, pioneer 109. Id like to know which other manufacturers use the same internals as these drives among others. I have several disks from asia which refuse to be recognized by any of those drives. Id be interested to buy a different drive based on a different chipset to try, since it would be unsuccessful for me to buy a drive like BenQ or NEC or Liteon if these used the same internals as the drives i already have.

I have searched but could only find fragments of related info. eg a Plextor 740 is the same as a BenQ 1640 etc.

Any help highly appreciated.

Media recognition depends actually from the drive’s firmware and not 100% from it’s hardware. E.g., you can add media codes on liteon drives using omnipatcher :bigsmile:


here’s a list of liteon drives:

for other manufacturers you should ask in the specific forum.

Drayon, because your question does not relate to Liteon drives but instead to many other makes of drives, I have moved you thread to the netrual territory for all DVD burners. The CD & DVD Burner forum :wink:

ronallan22 -> i noticed with all the other disks i have (golden bottom from asia) which can be read in my drives, none however will recognize the media type using DVDInfoPro and DVD Identifier, DVDDecrypter or NeroTools.