List Of Protections Anyone?

I was wondering if anyone had a list of all of the protections around today and how to copy them. I though that this would be a great thing for newbies instead of them asking the same questions and having to point to the thread anyway.

The sort of thing could be,

SafeDisc 2.8 - Alcohol
StarForce 3 - Nothing yet
SecuROM NEW V4.77.00.0002 - Alcohol, Clone, Blindwrite
SecuROM NEW V4.83.11.0048 - Blindwrite With Twinpeaks.

And so on. (I know what is above is wrong. Just using it as a quick example)

You could also include the games that use the protection and then possibly how to copy it or a link to the right page on this site.

I saw that one of the mods had a growing list of games with their protections listed. All it needs is the links added to that showing how to copy it. Can’t remember your name sorry.

Just a though.

This has been discussed before, but unfortunately due to lack of time most of us cannot compile such a list. If any member feels up to it and has the knowledge to do so, he is more than welcome :wink:

This was in my sig a while ago. Prehaps it can help? I know that there are no tutorials, but a quick search would unearth some.

Protections - Reccommend programs. If you think another program should be on the list, please either mail or PM me.
SafeDisc 1-2.8 - (Disc Juggler), (Clone CD), (Alcohol 120%), (Blind Write), (Disc Dump/Fire Burner), (Disc Dump/Burn At Once)(Both are FREE!)
SafeDisc 2.9+ - (Disc Juggler), (Clone CD), (Disc Dump/Fire Burner)
Securom NEW - (Disc Juggler), (Clone CD), (Alcohol 120%), (Blind Write)
Securom NEW (4.8X) - (Blind Write), (Clone CD/Twin Peaks), (Alcohol 120%)/Twin Peaks)
Disc Creation - (Nero)

Someone needs to update Mr B’s protection list, add a new column with the apps that can be used with each protected game listed or just add an asterisk and add at the end something like Savannah’s sig, providing the appropriate links to the corresponding tutorials in the forum.

This could also become a sticky i guess, if it aint too long. :bigsmile:

Originally posted by k9cop :bigsmile:

Nice link, but not really up to date.

C&C Generals isn’t included (last updated 31 january 2003).

Portmac’s site is IMO the best and is about as up-to-date as is possible.