List of protected audio CDs

I just posted the article List of protected audio CDs.

Nighthawk! used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a list available of protected audio CDs.

If you don’t want to buy a protected audio CD, then check this list first, also read what you…

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Errr… Did I miss anything? Can’t seem to find any link???

Click on the word Fatchucks after Source:. Else: h*tp://

Everyone should boycotte these artists and especially these albums. Maybe that’ll send them a message they’ll understand.

Quote from Fat Chuck’s website: “Many of these CDs won’t play on computers, Playstation 2 consoles, DVD players, car CD players or MP3 players, have lower quality sound than normal CDs, and are less resistant to scratches.” So not only are the CDs not copyable (at least much harder to copy), they have less sound quality, and more easily damaged :c This is totally f@#$ed up :r