List of new BT sites

Here´s a link to a site that list the most used BT sites.

have fun if you dare :wink:

Well we cant 'coz now we are all worried about getting sued :frowning:

lol i know they are going to sue people for downloading useing bit’s but man they are not going to sue people that just download things here and there {well if they do sue some little guy that just doesnt have the money to buy the game…that is just @#$% up} so i say try it and let’s us know :stuck_out_tongue: - 'Nuff said. Don’t worry about getting sued by using this site. They’ve received numerous letters from top companies and they won’t need to take any kind of action due to beuing out-of-jurisdiction. LOL I use this site 24/7. Enjoy this site if you didn’t know about it and never worry again! LOL HA! HA! HA! Let the downloads continue!!!

They have a section on piratebay where the show you the letters and their replies.

man it is funny

I dont know how new is but I like it alot…


at Torrentbully Private Tracker

I was shocked at the speed, problem is with them though they are very strict about ratios.

I think you only have like a week or something, so if you go there, be sure to get your ratio under control. Or you may find yourself banned.

The other sites listed here are really good too :smiley:

i like and