List of LiteOn DVD burners and their rebadges (last updated on 18 June 2005)

Each group (separated by blank lines) represents rebadges of the same drive (i.e., the first firmware letter is the same). This is as complete of a list as I am able to get. There are a few newer (and a few older) drives that I couldn’t confirm. Contributions are welcome. Please be as precise as possible with the name–exact capitalization, puncuation, and internal whitespacing (because this is the list that OP2 uses, precision would be greatly appreciated ;)).

Edit: The list now has its own website :wink:

[ ‘GIGABYTE’, ‘GO-W1616B’ ]

is an OEM Lite-on SOHW-1673S

Thanks. Added… (and it’s “GO-W1616A”)

I checked through the [thread at CDRLabs (to which I contribute a lot :bigsmile: ). The only “new” one I found is the [url=]Waitec Action 16](]c’t test results, burners[/url) which seems to be an OEM 1633S (fw. BSX1). Haven’t seen one though.


Thanks. :wink: Added it as ‘WAITEC’, ‘ACTION16/1’ (thankfully, someone posted a read result from this drive on the CD-DVD Speed page so that I could get the drive’s exact internal name :))

excellent effort…

JFYI (probably already know this anyway), Imation sells an external drive known as IMWDVRW16DLE (which I have)

I believe the last char indicates that it is ‘external’ product version of the ‘IMWDVRW16DLI’ (internal version).


If you have this firmware, could you please send us a copy? The only Imation 16x firmware that we have JSI1, so if you have anything other than that, we’d appreciate a copy. :wink: Thanks.

code65536, have you been sent the IMATION_IMWDVRW16DLE_JSIA firmware.
If not I can send.

Thanks, but we have a copy now. :slight_smile:

gigabyte GO-W1608A is a 1633s and i have crossflassed it to a liteon 1653s. there’s no model from gb for 1653s though.