List of Intel CPU prices after July 22nd Q6600 $266 and faster than E6850

Here is the article and testing of the speed for each CPU, Q6600 is faster than E6850, both are priced at $266

And attached is the price table

When are these prices supposed to be in effect? Newegg, Fry’s and Mwave all have the Q6600 at $450+.

Edit: Nevermind, I read the article in the link. :doh:

The title also states the date. I know, I cant wait to see the price drop. This spells trouble for AMD

It’s time for Core 2 Quad. :bigsmile:

Nice price. If I could have waited I could buy 3 for the price I paid for one. Anyone considering the Quad should consider another 50 or 60 dollars for a really good CPU cooler because these babies run hot under load even at stock speeds.:wink:

Thank you. I will keep it in mind. :bow:

Most aftermarket coolers would do as long as it is more efficient than the stock. But extreme overclocking is another story. My dad is gonna be one lucky guy because he is gonna get my E6400 @ 3.7ghz system. Well, his current system has BenQ 1640 and NEC3500 so I dont have to give him any of my burners. Just the processor/board/ram


Is that 3.7ghs liquid cooled? I have not read up on the o/c of the e6400 in a while but that is an awsome over clock. I bought an e6400 not long after they came out and o/c it to e6600 speeds with no need to increase voltage and no increase in temp with stock cooler. I am running stock speed now as I only have an x800xt aiw agp and even at stock speed, the video card is the bottleneck. I think I paid $218 at the time at newegg.

I think that may be one of the best over clocks I have seen on an e6400 if it is stable. The e6400 seems to be an awsome processor even at stock speed though.

The Q6600 is superior in encoding or 3D rendering apps, but the E6850 wins with gaming and general usage, according to the article.

Air cooling. You need to get the right motherboard, right RAM and decent fan/heatsink. The most crucial is the RAM

Thanks ghetocowboy this very useful information and become very handy.

But then it is amazing that both Q6600 and E6600 have the same operating Freq (2.4 GHz) same FSB (1066) and the same L2 Cache (4MB).

time to get a new cpu it seems :smiley:

The only problem is trying to find a motherbaord with 2 ide channels for these processors. I know you can use a controller card but that always doesn’t work. I have had good luck with the SIIG cards with the Sil680 chip but with all these new 18X and 20X drives coming out who knows what will work with what card.:iagree:

Allan, some Asus still make the IDE channel for the newer chip (they use JMMICRON controller) and as well as NVIDIA chip.

What I do is run two DVD burners off of the one-and-only IDE controller, and then run two more DVD burners off of SATA. This fills up my 4 drive bays quite nicely. And nowadays, there are quite a few good SATA burners available. I have a Pioneer 212 and a Liteon 20A1S currently on SATA, but I am thinking of switching out the Liteon 20A1S for an LG 62N. I pretty much only use the Liteon 20A1S for disc quality tests anyway, and I am getting a lot of spikes at the beginning of the test when running at 8x on the 20A1S. My older Liteon 165H6S does not have this problem.


Q6600 is 4MB [B]X 2[/B]

Time for upgrade , but then finding a good mobo and RAM is a problem here in Egypt .
Only decent RAM available is APOGEE DDRII 800 CL5 :frowning:
Gigabyte P35-DQ6 and P35-DS3R are also available but cost a fortune (at least for the DQ6) :sad:


How much is Q6600 in Egypt?

3 days ago it was : 4750 Egyptian Pounds which equals : [B]836.296 USD[/B] :eek:
It was only available at one big store of computer hardware that is well known for rip-offs and I had many fights with that store owner and managers because of their prices for items available only at their store .

I’ve told my friends about this awesome price cut and am going for an upgrade myself but hope I could manage enough money for CPU , RAM , MOBO and a new shiny 880GTS 640MB or 8800GTX depending on money or even ATI HD-2900XT if I can find any in Egypt :smiley: