List of DVD media suppliers in the UK



Giving that is not that easy to find good quality, cheap media in the UK, I’ve decided to publish my list of suppliers so everyone can benefit from it!

UK DVD Media Suppliers **** £6.46 flat delivery *** Delivery from £4.64 **** Delivery from £1.50 ***** ** * ***** Delivery from £3.51 **** * *** Delivery from £2.99 **** *** * Go to PC Consumables section, Free Delivery ** Delivery around £3.51 **** ***** *** *** * Delivery £5.88 *** ** Verbatim media, Delivery from £2.35 *** Delivery from £4.50 *** Delivery from £2.23 * Delivery from £5 *

All prices include VAT.

Price Comparison Portals

Media Compatibility and Information *****,357.msg1795 *****

Please feel free to contribute if you find other worthy links.



CVS, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Two more online retailers: Delivery from £2 **** Delivery around £3.50 ***


I would also recommend checking out Amazon.

For example, a ten-pack of Verbatim DVD+RW (4x) Model 43246 as mentioned on Plextor’s recommended media list is only £9.99 at Amazon.

Deliveries on orders over £25 are free of course.


An Interesting Media Guide can be found here:


*** Argos has a new catalogue out and with it the following:

Maxell 4x DVD-R 25pk spindle @ £24.99

*** I’ve just seen today at Woolworths (high street) an interesting offer:

3 for 2 on all media … and they have Philips 4x DVD+R 25 pack spindle @ £29.99
That would mean 75 discs for £60 …


*** One more retailer for you:
Delivery £1.59 (inc VAT)

*** 8x DVD-R TY media:

10 Pack Mirror Platinum 8x DVD-R (TY dye) @ £3.09 -->

I don’t know anything about the quality of these discs, and the delivery will cost you more than the media if you only buy a pack and nothing else.


Hi, I have just got 10 x 10 Packs of Mirror Platinum 8X discs for Big Pockets & they are crap, the PO/PI readings are very hi. Have tried burning @ 2x (almost unreadable), 4x, 6x & 8x (will read on my standalone Dvd player), on my nd2500 (with Herries firmware) all are very crap. Must be fake TYG02 MID’s. Will be phoning to see if I can get a refund next week. Beware !


Attention px-712a Uk owners! Finally - someone does TY DVD+R and DVD-R in the UK at a half decent decent price (if you want 100 that is).

This was on your list cvs - But svp have only just started stocking dvd+r this week.


If you’re after Tayo Yuden media, then look here:

Plenty to choose from, in various quantities, but probably not quite the best prices around … delivery is not bad for large orders …


Philips DVD-R 4.7Gb 8 speed 25 disks in a cake box @ £13.22
Philips DVD+R 4.7Gb 8 speed 25 disks in a cake box @ £13.22


Few more UK retailers for you: ** ** *** **** Maxell, TDK and Verbatim media, decently priced! ***** Very good prices, good choice, one of the best!

Have fun!