List of DVD Decrypter Alternatives

Learn something new everyday!!. I hadn’t updated IMGBurn for awhile…Thanks I’ll check it out… :wink::bigsmile:

Yea, I use it at work all the time so during the last update I saw that read option and wondered whether it would work. It creates an mds file so I’m assuming it’s a pretty damn accurate read of the disc. With AnyDVD in the background, I suspect that it’s as good if not better than DVD Decrypter’s ISO read mode. Hence my curiosity. :wink:

I just got it, thanks again…I really need to check all my proggys to make sure I’m staying updated…I just realized that my HCEnc needed to be updated as well, thanks to TimC…

Anytime. And yea, I think the HCEnc update was why they updated DVD-RB today. Just a guess as I didn’t look at the change log. Also, I’ll report back tomorrow about my IMGBurn excursion. I’m copying the image over to my video machine now. For some reason my older LiteOn drive burns DL discs better than the newer LiteOn I have sitting in a firewire case attached to my laptop. No biggie but my network isn’t gigabit yet so it takes a few to copy it over. :smiley: If this works this would be great news for people that don’t have CloneCD. Most everyone I know that’s using freeware for dual layer is doing the read with DVD Decrypter and the write with IMGBurn. However, if they could skip DVD Decrypter and stick with IMGBurn and AnyDVD, that’d be pretty sweet.

DVD Rebuilder was updated mostly to work with all the crap Sony has been sending out. It has been made “more robust” to work the discs.

Sweet. :slight_smile: I haven’t needed to use it in a while but I keep it updated.

Ok, reporting back like I said I would. Watching the DL backup right now. Flawless. So, indeed, if you’re using DVD Decrypter in ISO mode with AnyDVD and then burning with IMGBurn, STOP! :slight_smile: Use IMGBurn in read mode and then use it in write mode and it will work just as well, if not better than DVD Decrypter. This is good news IMO.

:cool: DvdFabDecrypter works a lot of times when dvd decrypter wont. As long as u keep it updated. It is a free prog.
You can find dvdfabdecrypter at this website

Ripit4me is also free and can rip all movies.

Can be gotten here:

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