List of DVD Decrypter Alternatives

Amen to that.

I am curious,

what is the advantage to using both dvdd and anydvd at the same time?
isnt using anydvd by itself enough?

Because DVD Decrypter is no more and cannot handle new protections that come out. As long as AnyDVD is updated, DVD Decrypter will be able to rip any DVD. The same can be said for AnyDVD with Shrink.

AnyDVD by itself cannot decrypt a DVD and copy the files. It needs another program to rip the files on the fly while AnyDVD decrypts on the fly at the same time.

I also use AnyDVD to make my region 2 drive read a region 1 with DVD Decrypter.

thanks nwg,

that explains why I cant just drag and drop the dvd files when anydvd is running.

I am trying out anydvd and clonedvd2 as a new alternate to my favorite program for dvd backup program.

since dvdd is living on borrowed time,its time to start looking for alternatives,in my opinion.


backed up uk version of “closer” with no probs,using latest dvd43(v3.5.3) and dvd decrypter(v3.5.4)-tried new dvdfab prog first,but resulting file(6.89GB) could not be opened by shrink!-no such probs with above ripped in usual fast time-dvd43 can be uninstalled/re-installed without causing probs-anydvd ,in my experience,cant-plus dvd43 is FREE!!

WRONG! With AnyDVD running, drag-n-drop should work flawlessly. As mentioned somewhere above, even the DOS copy command will work. Because AnyDVD intercepts the DVD raw data between your IDE controller and the Windows driver software for your DVD drive, all data that enters your computer is decoded and descrambled on the fly, your computer won’t even know about it!

It’s been said that dvd43 is not a very regular updater… I hope that with the demise of DD, it will be updated more often so it will be a real replacement as far as decoding/decrypting is concerned.

I still regret that DD had to be swept away completely, since it’s doing a fairly usefull job at CD/DVD burning too!!

Yes, I found that DVDFabDecrypter could cope with “House of Flying Daggers”, Region 1, but DVDShrink cannot open the resulting files. ARccOS, bad sector protection at the beginning of the main movie titleset, much like “The Forgotten”. (DVDShrink accepted the files from a DVDDecrypter rip, however, no problem.) It was possible to open the files from DVDFabDecrypter, though, with DVDShrink v.2.3, when choosing VTS_11_0.IFO (main movie titleset). DVD43 also worked with DVDShrink v.2.3 on “House of Flying Daggers”, same procedure as above, then reauthoring and cut the bad sectors out at the beginning with start/end frame function. Forget about opening the VIDEO_TS.IFO. So it seems DVDDecrypter is still the best alternative. Don’t be so quick to abandon it, folks, not yet. :wink:

When had the last version, 3.5.4 been released? Only a few days ago. So that means that DD will be usable for at least 1-2 years on most movies. After that 1-2 years, and on the “hard” ones, you can use other programs for the decoding/decrypting and still use the other functions of DD. So don’t abandon it ever, unless a similar and equally functional program appears!

Well, actually a few months ago. :wink:
But, you are right, we will be able to use it for a longe time, especially with the help of AnyDVD. Few weeks, not few months.

I’ve had mine from 25.4.2005 = few months.

are two months really a few months? :slight_smile:

Ok, a couple of months. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that so far there is no alternative to DVD Decrypter that is as good as DVD Decrypter. To take off all the new encryptions I personally use DVD Decrypter with RipIt4Me and FixVTS.
Instructions here:

[B]Imgburn[/B] is an updated version of the old DVD Decrypter burn fuction. (No rippinhg though)

I have a question about the no ripping comment. I would agree with you as it has no decryption capabilities, however, with AnyDVD running, theoretically, could you not use ISO read mode to take a 1:1 image of a DVD and then burn it to a DL disc? I was just playing around with it and made an image of Casino Royale. I was able to mount the ISO and play it back with no problems, so, I’m assuming if I burned it to a DL disc I would be good to go, no?

Yeah, I tried the same thing, but with The Holiday, (DVDDecrypter w/AnyDVD to ISO) and the ISO was able to playback for me as well, just wouldn’t open in DVDShrink. I didn’t try to copy it to a DualLayer disc either, but perhaps it would work.
Both Casino Royale and The Holiday looks OK on a single layer disc, so I doubt I’d try it to DualLayer just for testing sakes… :bigsmile:

Just did The Holiday for my wife. Burning as we speak in fact. :slight_smile: However, with Casino Royale I want it backed up dual layer. I know it won’t open in shrink because you aren’t fixing any structural problems by using ISO mode. And I know it works fine with DVD Decrypter, but, I was more curious if anyone’s tried this dual layer stuff with ImgBurn’s read mode. One would THINK it’d work fine, but, I didn’t necessarily want to be the guinea pig with my last DL disc. But, hey, I can always go get more if needs be I guess. :smiley: (Mainly cause I’d like to know if it works…I know I can do it with CloneCD or DVD Decrypter with no problems, but, where’s the fun in that?! :D)

IMGBurn cannot read or rip, only DVDDecrypter has that ability.

To me though CloneCD is an awesome program and is probably the best alternative to DVDDecrypter.
And w/AnyDVD, CloneCD can rip all the latest Sonys as well… :wink:

Well that’s a very incorrect statement, my friend. :smiley: With the latest version they added a read IMG mode. Check it out.