List of DVD Decrypter Alternatives

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(OS - Program)

  1. WIN - SmartRipper

There’s also vStrip but neither it nor SmartRipper can really qualify as viable alternatives as they haven’t been updated in years and Decrypter is still miles ahead of them so might as well just stick to using it; after all there’s no reason you have to stop using Decrypter immediately just because it’s no longer in development. The problem comes from the fact that any successor or alternative to Decrypter must be regularly updated to take account of new ARccOS methods and any other techniques that are introduced- such as RipGuard.

Dvdshrink with Dvd43free

  1. AnyDVD with any re-authoring/mastering program. (Or DVD Region Free and thelike, but for some reason, AnyDVD is the only program I can get running reliably on my systems).

Not a bad option. DVD43 is still updated, most recently to cope with Arccos. It’s a little cranky for some people, sometimes works better if you play the DVD for a minute first on your software player, then close the player and start DVD43. Worth a try. But DVDDecrypter will be fine for a good while yet. :wink:

Isn’t there already a type of ARccOS that the last version of Decrypter can’t handle?

Dunno, maybe on “The Closer”, Region 2? One guy reported problems in a thread over at videohelp. It’s only just been released in Region 2, so who knows if it’s user error or what. :wink: The latest version of DVDFab mentions it. AnyDVD reportedly has no trouble with it. Otherwise, not that I know of.

It’s the UK version of Closer that is causing the problems with DVDD.

There is already PSL files being made for the R2 Italian and Dutch versions of Closer. It will be only a matter of time before someone does the same thing with the UK version.

AnyDVD will eventually do it as well.

Hi there
I sometimes use Magic DVD Ripper v3.x. It has been able to rip one or two DVD movies that the Decrypter could not. It does not have many tweaks, though. (WIN)

Hi guys, this is my first post. Came along to the site in my hunt to find a decrypter to rip the “Closer” UK Region 2 version.

I have been a regular user of DVD decrypter since its inception and was majorly bummed when I found out ‘The Man’ had it shut down. It was unable to rip Closer and so through my hunt I tried several alternative programmes.

DVD43Free was up first, and the most recent version failed with Closer despite the programme assuring me that it had worked.

Next was AnyDVD - I used version which specifically stated that it was able to rip the UK Closer DVD. No luck there either.

Next was DVD Decrypter after using a psl for Closer UK that someone posted a link to… and, alas you guessed it, no joy again!!!

However my regular checking of the CDFreaks forum paid off, someone claimed that DVD Region+CSS Free worked for them, and low and behold, it did work. A choir of Angels sung halleluliah and all was right with the world again.

I’m going to continue working with DVD Decrypter because I prefer to rip the whole DVD to my hard drive first before converting it, but in the instances where new versions of arcoss are concerned, I think that DVD Region+CSS Free will be next on the list.

From what I hear, Macrovision is the company that shut down DVD Decrypter. Perhaps the UK Closer is the first title to use Macrovision’s RipGuard? Might help explain things, as I imagine that Lightning UK wouldn’t have found RipGuard any more challenging to overcome than Arccos.

Perhaps Olli could shed some more light?

A New Free Program Here will handle the newer ARccOS protection. Add it to your list

Did I mention that it is FREE.


…and also to try these as well:
DVD95Copy, Clone DVD (, DVD Copy Tools (
DVDX and my favorite MagicDVD ripper (


Why not simply use AnyDVD + DVDDecrypter.
let anydvd just do the descrambling part.
look here:

…i thought its about alternatives for dvdd?!..

Yeah, but will any of the software work if the drive never sees the disc? I’ve backed up over 200 of my DVDs so far without a problem, except for “Catwoman”. The movie plays fine in my Toshiba DVD player and my portable player, but when I put it into my computer LG 4160 drive, all the software I’ve tried says “No Disc” in the drive. What’s up with that? Is it my LG DVD Writer that’s flawed? If so, how come all the other DVDs backed up just fine? Any tips or suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks!

AnyDVD with the copy command from the DOS prompt. :slight_smile:

:wink: Even that will do (cheers to AnyDVD)! Except that the dos command prompt doesn’t handle remastering/recompression :confused: So to fit a DVD9 to a DVD5 recordable, you’ll need something more.

True, but DVDDecrypter doesn’t do this either, and this thread is called " List of DVD Decrypter Alternatives".

You’re right…