List of DVD burners with good Scan feature

Hi. I have a Pioneer 111, and this is my only drive which support the scan feature. I understand that this isn’t the right drive to perform scans, so I decided with your help (please :slight_smile: ) to make a list of all the DVD burner considered good scanners.

So, as far as I know good scanners are:

BENQ DW 1625/1640/1650/1655

Would you help me to create a complete list?

Am I sounding too impertinent by suggesting you find a burner that successfully produces good movie backups rather than “good scans”? I have used a number of differnet DVD burners over the years, and my burns (after 5 years) still play perfectly on a variety of standalone players – regardless of the flavour of the year. Scans are fine and a nice diversion, but the proof is in the pudding…not the pot :smiley:

Probably I didn’t understand but…why are you talking in particular of “good movie backups”?..I need to burn all kind of data, could be movies, music, programs, documents… etc…
And…the Pioneer 111 is a really good DVD burner, but how can I know which media brand (and media code) to use if I personally don’t make a scan and have a confirm of the quality :confused: ?

111 is a very good burner , but when it comes to scanning it is not capable of that or at least not accurate.
My suggestion would be that you keep your 111 and get yourself Benq 1640 or 165x , Burn with both burners and scan the burnt discs with the Benq .
Try different [B]quality[/B] media with both and see which burner do better with which media .
Also try rescanning the same discs after several months to get a complete picture of the quality of burns .

You forgot to insert in the list all liteon and also Plextor (the genuine drives, I’m not sure for all rebadged ones) drives: they are all able to do reliable quality scans :iagree:

Thanks for the help minaelromany.
Actually, like you suggested, I wanted to keep the Pioneer 111 as it is a good burner (and I’ve just bought it :slight_smile: ) and I wanted to get another good burner expecially for quality scans.
But what about the other brands like Nec and LiteOn?

As I said in my previous post, liteon and plextor are among the best scanners available.

nec drives are not always reliable; not sure what models are.

Hi :). "O meglio…ciao come va :smiley: ? Mi sa che è meglio parlare Inglese."
I didn’t forget…it’s just that I don’t know which drives are “scan enabled”:o .
This post is to help me and others to know which drives are capable of reliable scan technology.


come dicono i romani, “nun c’è probblema” :stuck_out_tongue:

I must say I find this thread very useful. I too planing to buy a burner that can do reliable quality scans. It would be great if someone could recommend that kind of a drive that also supports Light Scribe.

BenQ DW 1655, best of both worlds and not that expensive.

Thanks for the quick reply, I thought of buying a BenQ burner. Now I know and which one to buy, the only thing is to get money somehow… :flower:

How about the LiteOn 165H6S? This drive supports LightScribe.

LiteOn DVD burners are the most reliable scanners for DVD media, except perhaps for Plextor drives which are much more expensive as well as slower scanners.

LiteOn DVD burners seem to be rather unimpressive CD burners and are unreliable for CD quality scanning, so if these CD features are important for you then go with a BenQ 1650/1655 instead.

I love my BenQ 1655 burner, but I don’t trust it for scanning DVDs burned in my NEC or LiteOn drives, so I’m not going to recommend it is a general purpose scanner. It scans reliably for DVDs burned in BenQ drives however, and it’s also a very good CD scanner.

Well, I have an LG burner (4165B crossflashed to 4167B), so I could burn CD’s with it. But it’s not that important. I would go for Lite-On, but the price is what bothers me. Is it more expensive than BenQ?

I realy don’t know about LiteOn drives , but technically speaking : which is more accurate ? Benq or LiteOn ? and How ?
I also think that LiteOn can not report jitter .

BenQ reports jitter, and LiteOn, so far, doesn’t. I have both BenQ and LiteOn drives, and as for which is more accurate, I don’t know, but I guess I’m more used to LiteOn scans.

As for the more expensive of the two…I think it depends where you are, you’d have to check prices and compare. Here in the UK, both my BenQ (originally a Phillips 1660) and my LiteOn 1693S were retail drives, and I paid a bit more for the Litey.

Whether you buy retail or OEM (or bulk) would create a difference in price also.

Make a list of your chosen sellers (online or B&M), then just price up each drive, and see which turns out to be the cheapest.


The Samsung 16x seems to be another good scanner candidate.

Could you guys put the exact name-brand-code of the burner you want to suggest?
My idea is to (over time) update the first post (if the Mods will allow me someway) with the burners that you indicate to make the info more easily accessible.

Samsung SH-W162x
and 163 and 164.

Any of the BenQ drives (aside from the 1670 and the DQ60)…any of the latest LiteOn drives.