List of DVD-5s

okay… i am a little new to the DVD-Backup Scene… and I will probably get a little lecture for asking this but whatever… okay first off my name is Mr.Las… its an alias (yes)… ok i am trying compile a list of DVD-5s… If anyone could please tell me what DVD+Rs they have that are perfect 1:1 backups… it would help with my list… i mean those that need no re-encoding… (the complete original DVD was under the 4.7Gb Maximum)… thanks alot in advance, ill post the list once i get like 20 or 30 or so… ive got a few on my list already…

  1. Office Space
  2. Good Morning Vietnam
  3. Dazed and Confused
  4. Swimfan

also if you could please include the aspect ratio (16 by 9 or 4 by 3) and the length of the film and the regions it is capable of playing in… thanks in advance…

please send replys to for thats my email and it would make the list compilation easier… thanks


there’s already excisting such list’s also seaching by "Movie-either DVD5 or DVD9

check out here

thanks alot… i swear to you i have searched for countless hours looking for such as list and i was like “f*** it, ill try to make one”… thanks alot though


Quite a few on my list: here

Originally posted by celtic_druid
Quite a few on my list: here

ah theres the link,almost forgotten another impressive list

these two should do it

btw thxs to all creating/building the list’s :bigsmile:

I would have to say though that the list isn’t really growing that fast now since the release of first DVD2One, then DVD95Copy, IC7, DVDShrink and DVDXCopy Xpress.