List of Dual Layer DVD drives that are 2/3 sheep capable

Hi, all.

I know I came across a list of different drives and thier relative sheep burning capabilities, but I have seemed to have lost it in the depths of CDFreaks. Anyhow, I can’t remember there being that many (if any) Dual Layer DVD burner on there with either a 2 or 3 sheep rating.

Obviously I’m in the market for a new burner (in fact 3) and this time I want to make sure they are capable of dealing with difficult backups! I’m after a quality DVD burner capiable of multiple formats (although DVD RAM is not essential I think) and good CD burning qualities including packet writing for formated CD’s ala InCD or DirectCD etc. BTW what is Mount Rainer? Is this need for CD/DVD packet writing? If I need a packet writing system, would it be beter to get a DVD drive with DVD-RAM capabilities then and are there any drives that will do it all?

Any suggestion and link to the list would be helpfull (Uk biased).



Plextor 712/716…2 sheep.

Mount R is another hybrid form of writing…similar to your 3/5" floppy. I would not use packet writing…unreliable. Use CD/DVD ISO format with multi-session enabled.

What is the difference betwenn Mt Rainer and UDF packet writing software like DirectCD or InCD then?

I actually need to directly write to a CD from a specific program. I have had massive problems with InCD on one particular drive (CD writer but havn’t got access at the mo so can’t give you a make and model) - currupting CD’s and making them non readable - even CDRW’s. However, another CDRW/DVD combo drive (Rioch MP9200) has had no problems in this area. It just isn’t very good with difficult backups (0 sheep I think). Hence the need to upgrade and get an all singing all dancing Dual Layer DVD drive that can handle everything and more.

LG GSA-4163/5163 = two sheep
Lite-On = Two Sheep.

ANY OF THE LITEON SOHW 1**3S SERIES ARE ALL 2 SHEEP, try to get a 1213s or a 1613s and crossflash it to a 1653s / that will make it a dual layer burner (they are all the same hardware just dif firmwares goto the liteon forum for more info on it.

That’s fantastic - thanks OC-Freak.

The LG drive looks as though it will not only fit the bill as a 2 sheep dual layer DVD burner, but will also deal with DVD-RAM. I hope that this will then solve my direct writing problems to boot with no need for UDF software.

Not knocking the LiteOn drives, and the “free” dual layer upgrade is usefull, but I think that DVD RAM has swung it.

Many thanks.

I do not believe any DVD±burners exist that are 3 sheep burners. that is hard to do, and 90% of users will not need it.

…but if one company makes it, 10% of users will purchase their burner, guarenteed!

What about 3 sheep CD Writers? As I am looking at the LG GSA-4163 DVD burner, I noted in the review fro these pages that although it has been rate as a 2 sheep burner, if fails it fails on the SafeDisk 2.9 and 3 Sheep tests.

Are there any ways that the high SafeDisk protected CD’s can be backed up with this recorder or is that a complete no no? I this is true then would the only way to achive such a task would be to get another recorder?

Hey, I’m looking to purchase a newer DVD burner drive… I wanted to bump this because I’m lookin around for a (x16?) DVD drive that’s good with burning backups. If there is a 3 sheep rating… there must be a drive that meets that right? :confused:

I’m particularly interested in a high rating drive because of the last one was a pioneer DVR-106D that did not support safedisc 2.x … Any help is appreciated.

(Edit: I’m interested in Dual Layer support.)

'Fraid not. The 3 sheep rating is an invention of alexnoe and no 3 sheep writer actually exists. :wink:

Lite-on dvd writers in general are 2 sheep efm cd writers and many (not all as it varies from individual writer to writer and depending upon the drive from which you play your back-up copies) can cope with sd 3.20 and sd 4.x.

Of course, I understand that Lite-on’s are considered the “backup cd” brand of choice. But my question was more about a recent drive that has great compatibility with backing up protected media.

I see now that every 12x dvd drive on the site is listed as uncapable of burning safedisc 2.9, and above (unless I missed something?). So then… my question should be redefined as the fastest, most recent drive that supports those protected media formats? So far I’m looking through cdinfo, and not finding anything that beats safedisc v2.9+ …

Safedisc … 3.1 … 2.9 … 2.8 … 2.51
Pioneer A09 … N … N … N … Y … 1 sheep
BenQ1620 … N … N … N … N … 1 sheep
LG 4163B … N …N … Y … Y … 2 sheep + DVD-RAM
Plextor 716 … N… N … Y … Y … 2 sheep
NEC3520 … N … N … N … N/Y* … 1 sheep
Lite-On1653 … N … N/Y# . Y … Y … 2 sheep

  • = makes partially working copies of SD2.51

= according to CDRInfo it can’t make working copies of SD2.9, according to CDFreaks it can make a working copy of SD2.9

This is the information that I have, I would go for the LG GSA-4163B which is a 2 sheep writer and can read and write DVD-RAM.

More usefull info, especially the table which has sealed my choice for me - many thanks Namoh.

However, I still a little confused as to creating a successfull working backup of things like sd 3.x and above. Is it actually possible with ANYTHING? Are there simple CD Writers that can acomplish this?

If it is not possible to make a 1-to-1 backup, is it possible to create a backup using a form of emulation?

Many thanks for your continued insight.

You left out the Pioneer A07XL. It is most definately a two sheep burner, and with the Gradius firmware, does a fantastic job on most DVD brands. I have made personal copies of many games with the Pioneer and they all play great…

I know I “forgot” the A07XL, I took the latest burner form the most popular brands where I had the info for.