List of Drives that support Bitsetting



I’ve been Google’ing and searching your site but cannot find the answer to this question. Where is there a list of drives that support bitsetting?

I have a Lite-On SHM-165P6S and a Lite-On SOHW-1693S. DvdInfo Pro 4.36 says the former cannot change bitsetting to DVD-ROM but the later says that I can. I am getting all new drives and need ones that i can change book type to DVD-ROM. Thanks.


You’ve been miss informed! Try Imageburn (Google it) to change booktype (bitsetting same thing) or try Lite-On Booktype Tool here in the Read First stuff.

To list all of the burners would be a task. Some burners don’t but you can find modified f/w for them that does.


Ah, learned something new. ImgBurn is the new version of DVDDecrypter…I was unaware that ImgBurn even exists. I was also unaware that you could change Book Type from within DvdDecrypter and ImgBurn.

2nd question. I need to burn multiple discs at once so usually use Easy Media Creator. Does changing Book Type from ImgBurn change it permanently so that I can burn DVD-ROM discs from EMCreator? I’m guessing no, in which case how would I burn multiples at once with Book Type DVD-ROM?

Thanks for the quick response!


Use Imgburn!

If this is possible, it will be available as an option.


Hahaha. I run an authoring business and have over 100 DVD’s to burn. I need to burn 4 or so at once! Playback in older DVD players (of course) is hit and miss. Changing Book Type would fix ALL my problems SO LONG AS I can still burn multiple discs at once.

I have Nero which supports burning to multiple discs at once and bitsetting, but when I burn from an image it doesn’t allow me to select multiple drives so its pretty much crap.

For burning to multiple drives I used the following guide, but cannot choose multiple drives. I am using Nero


So why the question?


Nero doesn’t allow me to select multiple drives. I click on the select drives button and Nero gives me a list of drives, but I can’t select more than one at a time. Like I said, Nero is crap (it always gives me problems).


It should but you better have a healthy processor and lots of ram.


I have been making 3 at-a-time using EMCreator w/o problems. Only problems is playback compatibility in older desktop dvd players. Is there any other way to change the Book Type, even if temporary, so that I can burn disc as DVD-ROM in a differrent application (such as EMCreator)?


Is it possible to use the LiteOn Bit Setting Utility can I change the Book Type of the disc to DVD-ROM before I use my software to burn to the disc?


Once you set it in Imgburn it stays afaik


afaik = ?


as far as I know

The common ones are imo (in my opinion), imho (in my humble opinion), etc.

When in doubt, Google the letters and you’ll probably get the meaning.


Oh, I thought he misspelled a word but I couldn’t think of what word.

I’ll give it a shot.


I wouldn’t be that sure about it.
Knowledge is power.


Haha, exactly. In THEORY it would fix all my problems but as I’ve already seen, there are so many details that it’s easy to miss one.

I seem to have gotten it to work. By gotten it to work I mean, I changed the Book Type to DVD-ROM for a drive and then used a separate application that doesn’t support bitsetting (in this case Easy Media Creator) to burn the disc with Book Type of DVD-ROM. Here’s what I did:

  1. Run ImgBurn. For each drive, change Book Type to DVD-ROM for all DVD+R used in the drive.
  2. Run Easy Media Creator. Burn image to all drives that you just changed Book Type to DVD-ROM.
  3. Analyze burned discs with DVDInfo Pro. Shows Book Type as DVD-ROM and Media Type as DVD+R. Note: I stated earlier that only one of my two Lite-On drives allowed bitsetting, but this process worked fine for both.

Also note: I cold rebooted and went back into ImgBurn and the Book Type settings were back to default so keep in mind that you need to change this more than once.

Thanks guys for all your help! This forum has taught me so much in the past year that I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for the support!


I don’t have that drive so i don’t know. Did you try Lite-Ons Bitsetting Tool? You have to put a blank in.

After you get to messing with dvd drives you find the ins and outs :wink: Have a good one…


I haven’t tried the Lite-On tool as to make Book Type change to DVD-ROM you need to click “Write Now” which had me a bit nervous. I may have to give it a shot though.

If the Lite-On tool indeed changes the Book Type on a disc immediately and permanently, it would be useful if I get a DVD Duplicator rig. That way I may be able to change the disc Book Type before I make duplicates. Of course I haven’t tried any of this so maybe it doesn’t work like that.

If you want to give a shot at a media question I posted one here: :wink:


Like i said i’m not familiar with that drive and firmware so i’ll let someone else post a possible fix.