List of Compatible Media

Panasonic recommends using Panasonic discs, but others may work fine.
Here is my list of what I have used will success.

# (formats in seconds)
Taiyo Yuden 8x * :clap:
Taiyo Yuden 16x * :slight_smile:
Verbatum 8x * :iagree:
Verbatum 16x * :slight_smile:
Sony 16x * :slight_smile:
Playo 1-16x
Memorex 16x :stuck_out_tongue:
Most Taiyo Yuden Value Line discs also work fine :smiley:
Sony 1-4x * :slight_smile:
Imation 4x
DVD+R: (takes some time to format)
Taiyo Yuden 8x * :slight_smile:
Sony 16x :slight_smile:
Staples 16x :rolleyes:
Verbatum 2.4x (only one I tried)
Verbatum 1-4x * :slight_smile:
Memorex 4x (newest) :flower:
Maxell 4x
Ridata 4x
Panasonic 2-3x single side * :slight_smile:
Panasonic 2-3x dual side :slight_smile:
Maxell 2-2x single side

my preferred type of media

  • my preferred media (no skips or problems with playback)

I’m sure others will work fine, my only problem was with a bad stack of Staples DVD-Rs which I returned, and some bad Memorex DVD+RWs which I also returned.

This Recorder seems to be less media sensitive than others, but it still a good idea to avoid cheap media. HP, TDK, and Maxell should be ok; but I have no media to test with.

Feel free to add to this list


Does anybody know if there is a definitive official Panasonic list of compatible media for their more recent models, as being a Panny DVD-recorder newbie. I am slightly worried by warnings such as:- “Use of this disc in incompatible recorders may lead to permanent damage to the recorder. For more details please refer to the manual or hardware manufacturer.” This is all very well, but Panasonic UK Customer Support have not yet replied to my enquiry of over 2 weeks ago, neither have Verbatim, even though the latter state on their website that they will answer compatibility queries.

I have a Panasonic DMR-ES20DEB bought a couple of months ago which so far has worked fine with Verbatim 4x DVD-RW discs, but I would like to know for sure that it will be record + playback OK and not be damaged by TDK 1-8x DVD-R discs (to Gen. Vers. 2.0/8x speed Revision 3.0) and Verbatim 1-16x DVD-R discs (to Gen. Vers. 2.1/1-16x speed Revision 6.0) - whatever all this jargon means! I have already bought some of each.

According to the manual the TDKs should be OK as the 8x spec is mentioned on the back page, but 16x DVD-R discs are not mentioned.

Can anybody help a complete novice to DVD compatibility!

Many Thanks

[B]I have never found a official Panasonic list of compatible media. That is why I started this thread[/B]

I can’t Panasonic DVD-RWs any place, so list what has worked fine for you.
I have found no one who said their unit was damaged by any media.
I did have a 50 PK of DVD-Rs from Staples that would not read.


Thanks very much CCRomeo for your quick reply to my query.

Yesterday I finally received an email reply from Verbatim (see below), which agrees with your info that using high speed media seems to be a problem only on older machines, so will go ahead and try out their 16x DVD-R media soon. Will report back later if I have any problems.

[I]"Dear Tony4619,

I apologise for the delayed reply. The DVD-R you bought should be compatible with your drive. The recorder can write on DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD-RW media. Speed is rarely an issue with recorders unless it was an old model.

Kind Regards,

Helen Picot-Yew
UK Marketing Executive
Verbatim Ltd"[/I]

I recently bought a Panasonic DMREX75EB, i am a complete newbie with regards to dvd recorders, i have used the media you enquired about, and they both worked fine no problem execpt it would not perform high speed record on the Verbatim dvd-rw x4,but it was excellent with the dvd-r x 16, two hour programme took about three minutes to record from HDDto DVD, good luck.

sorry just realised you have a different machine,

Anyone have opinions what discs to definitely AVOID? For the sake of argument, just of major branded media and not “Joe’s Cheapo 4XSPECIAL” media. I used a RIADATA +R (16x, I think) on something last week and ended up with a nice coaster while the HP 8x -R (pink top–CMC) I used yesterday came out just fine.

Hi There Panny users

Panasonic UK Cusomer Care have finally, after 10 weeks, answered my original query with them about compatible media, so here it is (not super-helpful, but never mind):-

[I]"Thank you for your email enquiry. Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the uncharacteristic delay in our response. Due to an unexpected increase in the number of contacts we have recently received, we have been unable to provide as quick a response as we would normally.

In response, we have been informed by our technical support team that you will be able to use disks up to 16x as long as they display the following:

(Disk Logo)
R 4.7

You will need to ensure that they are disks specifically manufactured for use with domestic DVD players and recorders, and are not stated to be for ‘Data or General Use’, as these are PC disks and are not compatible with the unit. We recommend the use of disks manufactured for Panasonic, TDK, JVC or Maxell, as disks from other manufacturers may not be fully compatible with our systems.

I trust that this information has been of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 08705 357357 , by fax on 01344 853213 or at and we will endeavour to assist.

Customer Support"[/I]

Seems like they are saying only use big name brands & only those disks that are specifically described as being suitable for DVD video recorders.


my experiences with a Panasonic DMR-ES30 DVD recorder / VCR combo were slightly different.

  1. I had no trouble buying blank panasonic DVD-RW from & they worked fine in both my PC & my Panasonic. they also playback fine in the Panasonic if I burn to them from my PC.

But it’s a different story with +R and -R Verbatim 16x blanks - if I burn on my PC & try to playback in the panasonic then the +R format are OK but the -R format will not playback.

Also ried some allegedly Taiko Yuden from topdiscs ( but I suspect TY value label as there’s no visible branding ) DVD-R format blanks . These are rated at 8x . The panasonic will dub to them OK from VCR & wthey then play back ok in all of our equipment, but the Panasonic will not play from the same discs if I burn to then at 4x or at 8x from my PC.

So it seems to not like -R discs made on PCs , but will playback +R discs from other sources. It also plays the Datawrite +R DL discs OK, from my PC.

Note that the the -R discs which it failed to play have been correctly finalised & do play OK on my older generic standalone DVD player. it alwasy fail sint he same way - spends a while trying to read the disc then just gives up & says that it is not readable. I suspect that it doesn’t like the blank spcae on a less-than-full -R disc, because it has played some copies on -R when they have been compressed to fit a single layer disc and thus have filled the entire disc ?

I checked the label on the Panasonic DVD-RW pack that i bought recently. it just says 120min/4.7GB single sided / rewriteable for video & data".

I guess those last 4 words are when their quoted response is referring to.

my VErbatim blanks just say “certified”, and other blanks that i have just give the capacity in minutes & Gb. I’ve never seen the words " suitable for domestic … " on a pack of blanks, ever!

Now what does" manufactured for Panasonic " mean, in terms of brands - anyone know ? Is “manufatcured for” different to “manufactured by”