List of cdr's Plextor2410a can burn at 24x

Let’s make a list of the medias that CAN burn at 24x. So far, all the of the spindles I’ve bought none of them burn at 24x for whatever reason

Go to:
That should answer your question.

I’m willing to bet Orunitia wanted to compile a list of not-big-name brand CDRs than work at 24x. Say, oh, ProDisc. see for other inexpensive generic options that work great in the Plextor 12x atapi.

Don’t know how helpfull this is, but i’ve burned Mitsui Gold 80min 16X at 24X with no problem whatsoever, I think this is fairly inexpensive media since my intial Mitsui cost 20 times more than these and where only 74 min :wink:

Haven’t tried any other media, but there aren’t all those many choices around here, TDK, SONY, HP and the likes of those.

These CD-R cost 0.45&, 0.65$ or, since it’s now my official currency 0.75€ :slight_smile: