List of CD/DVD manufacturers and their respective "Made in..." and brands?

Has anyone ever seen a list of these? Or compiled a list of these? (apart from CDMediaWorld)

Something in a format similar to:

Mitsubishi Chemicals (CD-RW MODEL#)


If yes, where abouts?

If not, I think we should definitely start! Yes, it would be huge, but I for one would find the collective knowledge particularly useful when looking for CD-R’s! (Beats searching through thousands of media tests again and again every time I find something new!) Perhaps we could even bring in pictures of packaging again!

A few sites that may help you:

The trouble with these lists is branded discs change manufacturer very often, in all but a few brands. Consider that volunteers compile these lists from user reaction and that takes time to filter through to their pages. Manufacturers have also produced fake media in the past which adds to the confusion. That’s where they put a false media code on the disc that identifies them as being made by a high quality manufacturer. Even with these lists, buying middle-market media remains a lottery where the consumer loses as usual.

Having said that, it’s better than no guidance at all and at least you have some information to go on and avoid the pitfalls that thousands before you have suffered.



Is there a site for CD-R media?