List of best cd burners for backups


Will asomeone please provide a top 3 list of burners that provide the best of all worlds for buring backups of PC cdroms?

I currently use an old Scsi Yamaha 4/4/16. I do not have to stay with the scsi bus…

What about software?

I have Nero 5.0…is that good enough?

I’m willing to spend up to $300 on this burner if it can burn the majority of the PC cdroms that I want to backup.

Nero is good for creating a data disc of stuff…but the best software is clone cd. As far as software goes, the newest plexors and lite-ons are well known…although i don’t know much about burners, except that ALL hp burners SUCK!!! everything else is ok.

I think everybody here will answer about the same:

  1. Plextor
  2. Lite-on
  3. random, well performing brand (Yamaha, Nec, Pioneer, Sanyo)

I have been looking around this site and the 'net in geneal…looks like I may go with Plextor pxw2410a. Seems that in combo with CloneCd it will do the trick.

Just my 2 centovos…

Now how about having dual drives? Do I really need this? I guess for on the fly its cool…but how do you do it with just one?

with just one you make an image of the disc, then burn to your recorder.

my top 3:

  1. Phillips 20x/10x writer. no one gives it any mention, but it has yet to fail me on anything that i want to burn. 99 $
  2. Lite-on 24x/10x writer. its cheap as all hell too
  3. Plextor 24x/10x writer. its given the best ratings because of the brand name. it also costs the most. it’s a good buy though.

in the end, go with your pocketbook. they all do what you want. they just need software to manipulate them to do what you want. ya know?

And now may be Phillips (as on the front page article)

In my opinion Plex 24-10-40 is the best you can get on the market , but you have to pay the price for it. Lite-On is very good too ( total respect for Lite-On owners! ) and is less expensive too. The software - CloneCD - – the best — copy almost any protection ( without TAGES ) . For 300$ go for Plextor , I have no problem with my Plex.