List of authorized USA Philips repair facilities?

Well, after owning my Philips DVDR80 for a bit over a year (long enough for it to be out of warranty) it has been having enough reading and recording problems that I need to have it repaired. My problem is finding somewhere that can repair it. I thought I was in luck as my job moved across the street from the address listed on the back of my manual as the Philips factory authorized repair facility for California, but I went by and the place was empty. I then found out that Philips closed all their factory service centers in April of last year as a cost saving measure. Does anyone know where I can access a list of factilities that can repair Philips DVD recorders? I believe I found such a list on the Philips site once, but I sure can’t find it now.

I had exactly the same experience as you. After speaking with Philips (call the number in the manual, it will get you to their main service number), I sent my DVDR75 to Louisville. They mentioned that their was also a facility for DVDR repair in Syracuse NY. Call them aand get the details. Their are 3 or 4 facilities around the country that repair DVD recorders, but I don’t remember the others.


I would be interested in finding out what they tell you that repair will cost. You can buy a refurbished DVDR75 or 980 for $180, with a one year warranty, updated firmware and a new remote. I would bet that the repair will be that much or more.